Is ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo A Fake? Some People Certainly Think So – Bustle

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Is ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo A Fake? Some People Certainly Think So
That is because the Long Island Medium herself, Theresa Caputo, has an amazing ability to connect strangers with their loved ones who have passed away.

Melissa Leath‘s insight:

It s long been disputed whether Theresa Caputo is legit or fake. But my thoughts go a little deeper.~~ Does she invade a person’s energy field uninvited? YES. That makes what she does as being reckless, intrusive and inconsiderate, to say the least. No one has the right to pry in someone else’s personal space.


As she prepares for a show, does she talk to the person ahead of time, and let them know what she plans on doing? Or, does she just barge into their space, dig in their aura, and extract spirit entities? We probably will never know for sure. But I’ll tell you one thing: she better never come near me!

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8 thoughts on “Is ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo A Fake? Some People Certainly Think So – Bustle

  1. I think everyone that is a lightworker have their own unique gift. Not one gift is better than the other, just different. Each gift is used for a different purpose, and who are we to judge someone’s gift if they are using it for the highest good with loving intentions. Lightworkers are here to spread the positive energy, the universal Love. Not everyone is ready to understand these gifts, and not everyone is ready to use theirs. As for Theresa Caputo, I think she uses her gift in the best of intentions. Not everyone is ready to receive a message, but there is no harm in her trying to deliver one to someone in need. As long as it’s love she is spreading, really, what is the harm?

    1. Jenn, thanks for your comment. As long as Theresa is properly asking ahead of time to connect with their energies, then I am sure it is fine. (I just question that fact.)

  2. Namaste,Short & to the point,Jesus was CLAIRVOYANT & TELEPATHY,WE ALL HAVE THE SAME GIFTS once you relearn how to developed them,their is only one JUDGE that sits up high and looks down low.Now I can connect to your energy if i wanted to ,but why would I do that.When the higher self has something for you to know all you got to do is meditate and wait for an answer.#I’M JUST SAYING..They talked about Jesus in the bible & to this day folks are still talking.By the way have a blessed night/day BELOVED

  3. Melissa, I completely agree. I do think that she is a real medium, and I believe her intentions are good. But I have always found it invasive when people use their abilities in that way. I understand that she feels like these people’s loved ones are trying to connect with them and asking her for help… but sometime it is unwarranted.

    Do you have any advice for people on what to do if they receive information without being asked?

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Shaheen~~ It is important to maintain your own energy balance. Many people do not understand that we are each in control of our own energy fields. So, if someone came up to me like that, I would stop them in their tracks. And say something like “You do not have my permission to be in my energy. I do not appreciate it and you are not welcome here.” I know some will say that it is rude to speak that way. But I believe it to be rude to just invade my space and privacy that way. I have found that psychics and mediums that approach people in that way are usually very ego driven and energy vampires. So it takes some brass to stand up to them. After the statement, I would double up on my protection field — obviously, and in plane sight, to make sure that they and others see what is going on.

      1. Melissa,

        I absolutely agree with you! It is major warning to you as the person receiving the insight to protect yourself. Unfortunately people are not aware of energy in this way… That is why I love sharing tips about spiritual cleansing and protection.

        Sadly, I do think some readers do this out of ego, as you said. For some readers there is a feeling of gratification when they get a hit.

        This happens for many beginning readers who read for anyone who shows up wanting a little insight… I learned early on that some people need to be turned away, especially the ones who want me to “prove” something.

        BTW, I am reading your book, Does Your Child See Sparkles. It is wonderful. I have been in the process of working on a children’s book for energy awareness.

        Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight,


    2. I also find it invasive but I think that’s just her personality. I think that if she was NOT a psychic/medium that she would probably talk to complete random people in her daily life. She just seems like the type to lean over in the coffee shop and start talking to you. That’s just her.

      For me, I don’t invade anyone’s privacy. If spirit is nagging at me to say something, I tell spirit that if it is that important for the spirit to deliver their message then spirit will find a way to make it happen. Meaning that spirit will have this person contact me or we will run into each other again at some point that same day.


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