“Traits of Awakening Souls” ReBlogged


This link goes to a great blog post by Christina Sarich called 21 Traits of an Awakening Soul. Take a few minutes and check it out. Do you have any of the symptoms (or traits)?

Peace! Melissa Leath

Daughter seeing sprinkles sparkles orbs again (2)

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Daughter seeing sprinkles sparkles orbs again (2)

Melissa Leath‘s insight:

This is the first time I have seen a video that really looks like sparkles to me. Children especially see these wonderful spirit energy lights. But the more I report it and explain it, I hear from adults that can remember it. But they had forgotten it or thought it was normal vision.


I love the way the video camera captured them.


Sparkles are energetic representations from loved ones who have passed away, spirit guides and teachers, and guardian angels. They create a special force so you can see it. The sparkles are not actually angels and loved ones. But the sparkles are created by them.


Have you ever seen anything like this?


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Psychic or Just Your Imagination?

Find Your Psychic Self WEB-TV
Episode #6

Psychic awareness and development is a strange thing sometimes. Too often the slight psychic impressions will be taken as simply “imagination”. Young parents usually tell their children that a special friend (that no one else can see) is not real, but imagination.

What if I told you that imagination and psychic awareness are similar things? One comes early in childhood and develops (if allowed to) into a great psychic mechanism.

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