Psychic or Just Your Imagination?

Find Your Psychic Self WEB-TV
Episode #6

Psychic awareness and development is a strange thing sometimes. Too often the slight psychic impressions will be taken as simply “imagination”. Young parents usually tell their children that a special friend (that no one else can see) is not real, but imagination.

What if I told you that imagination and psychic awareness are similar things? One comes early in childhood and develops (if allowed to) into a great psychic mechanism.

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Melissa Leath

7 thoughts on “Psychic or Just Your Imagination?

      1. Because people forget simple is powerful. (And in this world, we’ve trained ourselves to believe nothing is real unless we can touch it.)

      2. You’re right Gary! So many powerful techniques and spiritual practices are simple, but everyone thinks there must be more to it! We should declare National Simplicity Day!

  1. Reblogged this on Shaheen Miro and commented:
    Wonderful information! Your imagination is the pathway to your intuition. Your imagination is actually the way you develop your intuitive language. The two are sister experiences. You could even say that intuition/psychic abilities… is imagination with intention.

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