What is Your Superhuman Potential?


Your Superhuman Potential with Ken Wilbur — A Free Online Global Event      


I have always been fascinated with the information from Ken Wilbur. He has such genius when it comes to looking at Life, Humanity, and where we are headed in Spirituality. But whenever Science and Spiritual Concerns work together — pay attention! I am already signed up for this FREE lecture, and I know you will be interested in learning about it too.

Discover a Revolutionary New Technology For Your Mind to Illuminate Your Full Human Potential so That You Can Become the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

Over the last 30 years, developmental scientists and researchers from around the world have discovered something truly profound. A small percentage of people are breaking through to an entirely new level of human evolution, one that has never existed on our planet before.

According to the research, this new level has access to entirely new ways of seeing, knowing, and being that go far beyond all prior stages of human evolution.

Your Superhuman Potential can only begin to come “online” when you truly understand this developmental process and learn to harness this vast reservoir of potential and power that is teeming just below the surface of your ordinary awareness.

We invite you to join the renowned author, teacher and living legend Ken Wilber as he shares his latest discoveries about what this “Superhuman” potential really means and how you can begin to catalyze your own development to unleash the greatest possible version of yourself.


I am sure you will see me there! Best wishes, Melissa Leath


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