Empathic Kids Tip

Is your child empathic? Not sure? Check out the Find Your Psychic Self  video here. I have a quick explanation of what to look for and how it might feel. Also ~~ a super hero tip to help your child control the empathic connections.

If you have a thought about this tip or a question  I can address in another video, please leave a comment below.  I always love to hear from you. Thanks so much.

Melissa Leath.



3 thoughts on “Empathic Kids Tip

  1. Great video! I look forward to seeing and reading your book. My almost 11 year old daughter is an empath and we only recognized this several months ago. she also sees and hears spirit and she can also see energy. My question and concern, if you have not addressed already, is my daughter wants to tell our family members about her ability but one side of the family I know would be completely skeptical and I know they would voice their opinion to her about this and I fear the emotional repercussions she would receive from their not believing her and tell her she is making it up. The other side of the family is Christian and my concern there is that they would believe that this is something bad or of the “devil” and and not see that this is goodness and light. What would your recommendation be? Thank you so much and I appreciate all the work and experience that you have shared.

    1. Hi Michelle~ I am glad you liked the video and hope you will enjoy the book too. I address the idea of sharing psychic abilities with the family in my book. But it might be a good video topic too! I know your daughter is excited about her gift. But really, it is very much like anything else we do: play piano. paint, sing, cook, etc. But unfortunately not all people feel comfortable with empathic abilities and psychic gifts. To me it is a very personal decision. But whatever you both decide, know that it cannot be reversed. The main thing is to share with people who embrace what you do (a budding chef connecting with relatives and friends who also love cooking/or eating gourmet foods). It is important that she does not “cast pearls before swine.” If the friends or relatives cannot appreciate her talent, then it is wasted. And she will always have to defend herself. Also, beware of people who will always want her to “perform”. She is not for their entertainment. (And she should not expect to “show off” her gifts in that manner.) So it will take some thinking as to how she can tell them or just allow things to happen as they will. She should not try to hide anything, but also not flaunt it. As long as she realizes that this part of her is simply that: another part of who she is. It is not “Special” just part of who she is. Many of my extended family probably know what I do, but I do not talk about it to them. I know that some of them are also very religious, and I do not need to gain their approval to do my work. I can do it in my own space. I wish you and your daughter all the best on the journey…M/

  2. That is exactly her…she is so excited and wants to tell everyone. 🙂 Will definitely dive into the book ASAP. Thank you again!

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