An Authentic Television Series About Psychic Kids – I Need Your Help


iStockFreeCrayonPsyKidsI had an interesting conversation the other day, via conference call, that I want to share with you. It was with a video producer I have known for several years. (His mother is a fellow author, psychic and associate of mine.) He has done many television projects (Discovery Channel and Animal Planet) and independent documentaries. He is associated with a reputable cable television production company.

Anyway, his two bosses were in the conference call too.

Basically, they are looking at the viability of producing a television series surrounding psychic kids (and their parents) in a sincere and authentic way. They realize the backlash the earlier paranormal and psychic kids type shows have gotten. And they have asked me to assist them in this initial investigation as to if it would be possible to film the families of psychic kids —  without exploiting them in any way. (I really like their take on this.) And they asked me many questions about different ways to do it, and other possibilities.

Since I have mentored families of psychic children, and written Does Your Child See Sparkles? they have asked if I could contact some of my clients, mentor students, and parents of psychic kids and find out how they feel about this. Here are some possibilities, with differing levels of exposure that they are considering: 

  1. Film the family and child while I counsel/mentor them, but filmed for television.
  2. Or – Interview them about any mentoring or assistance we have done, create a staged re-creation with actors, and then at the end of the segment show the family (as a way of confirming the authenticity of the situation).
  3. Or – Make the re-creation without the family being exposed at all.
  4. Or – Interview the parent, probably by phone, to get a sense of how they feel as a parent about the televised idea of their psychic children. They want to know any concerns a parent might have. (They really want to know if this is something that could be done responsibly)
  5. Or – Maybe there is another direction we are not seeing yet? Ideas are always welcome.

Please think about these ideas. And see if you (or if you know anyone that) may like to engage in this project. There are many families with psychic and empathic kids that are looking for help of any kind.

I know that if a reliable, caring television program could be reinforced as a teaching tool, then many people could benefit by it. We just have to understand how it can be presented in a way that provides proof of this phenomenon, without sensationalism, and also provide assistance in gaining empowerment for it.

If you or anyone you know would like to help in this project, please get me in contact with them. Let me know. Email me here:

Thank you so much for your help and good wishes!

Melissa Leath


5 thoughts on “An Authentic Television Series About Psychic Kids – I Need Your Help

  1. I really did like the show Psychic kids. Interviewed both the parents and kids. The family as a unit is learning to deal and cope with the children’s psychic abilities.

  2. Hi Melissa

    What a great project! As my daughter, who is very strong, is getting older and figuring out her life path, she has changed how she wants to be seen. She was planning on being a professional medium and loved to tell people who were open to it, but now that she has changed her mind and is studying to be an art therapist, she wants to be more low key. She doesn’t want to take the risk of future clients knowing and having some kind of expectation that she will connect with someone or be freaked out about it… She was asked to be interviewed recently for a local cable show but she declined for this reason. She is still doing readings as a part time job, but doesn’t want to do more than that right now.

    As much as I love the idea of a show to help other kids and their parents, I’m wondering if having it more private with actors telling the story would be better. Kids maybe excited about being on TV but we don’t know where their life will lead them and how being exposed young will affect their path later. I do see the dilemma of making it more valid by showing the real family though. It needs to be real for people to believe it and learn from it. I love interviews but have concerns about the repercussions of masses of people knowing. I told my daughter years ago that if she was ever offered a show like Long Island Medium she shouldn’t do it. Too much exposure to people who don’t understand and it would be too personally taxing on her self esteem, which is very fragile because of everything she has been through related to her gift. She is very sensitive. I told her she should be around people who want to see her if she ever got to that level and not on a major primetime show for all to see. She is supposed to be interviewed for a documentary about psychic kids which she may decline now.

    A lot to think about. Its such an important topic and I’m trying to do as many talks about it as possible, but I have to start to think about how much I share now for her privacy. One of my goals is to get the info more mainstream to help the kids who are hiding their gifts so they don’t develop depression and/or anxiety. I have met so many adults who struggled because they didn’t have anyone who understood. It’s a tricky balance to get the info out without making it more difficult for our kids. We are in a time of transition and I know they are here to help with it, but the mother in me wants to protect them from it all.

    So that’s my two cents. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this amazing and needed project. Thanks so much for taking it on. I will let you know if any if the families I know would be willing to connect about it.

    With love and light Elana On Dec 5, 2014 3:59 PM, “The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by

    1. Thanks soooo much, Elana for your thoughts on this project. And that is exactly what they producers are looking for: the feelings of the family as far as being put into the public eye. This I will share with them. Blessings…M/

  3. I love your idea!

    I think that showing them in a positive light and how the family interacts with them is a good one. There has to be someway to show the children in a positive light and how they deal with the stigma a lot of us have faced with our abilities.

    Also maybe no adays kids accept abilities easier then when we were younger.

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