Awakening and Renewal ~ 2015

2015RenewAThe Season that comes between two different years has to be the most interesting I know of. It means so many things to me, especially since I met my husband during the Eve of 1972 New Year. It is the time that Mother Nature rests in preparation for A Time of Renewal. She allows certain living things to complete their cycle of life, to nourish others in their journey. This is an essential aspect of Growth.

All things in this World have a beginning and ending. But the endings are never final. They are merely a way to cycle around to the next starting point.

So now, this gives you a place to set your starting point. That can be in any form you like. Many people create an affirmation of things they wish to achieve in the new year, such as career, wealth, health, happiness. Some come up with resolutions to do better, such as eating habits, relationships, or resolving addictive behavior.

And there are many ways to do this. Different cultures prepare certain foods as a way of marking this shift. And those foods are traditional in many families. Spiritual customs include clearing of old beliefs, such as The Burning Bowl. They write down things on paper that they wish to release, and ceremonially place them in a special bowl to burn.

However you decide to celebrate the New Year, and re-affirm your life, be sure to take some time for reflection. Go over your past year. Look at the accomplishments you have made. Celebrate the joys and loves that have been in your experience. Also honor the losses and failures, for they are the things that make you strong and wise.

Be sure to witness the way Mother Nature is expressing herself in your world. You will waken something within when you pay attention to nature. It helps you move through your life.

For this New Year, I wish you and your family happiness, love on many levels, and the ability to feel, as Mother Nature shares her emotions with you.

Happy New Year!

Melissa Leath

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