Befriending Spirit Guides (Imaginary Friends Aren’t Make-Believe) by Shaheen Miro


Kids Growing Up Psychic Series

~~ Melissa’s Note~ Shaheen has done it again! He has shared another concept dealing with psychic children. This is the next installment of our series Kids Growing Up Psychic. ~~

Every person is born into this life with a beautiful collective of celestial helpers. These are our spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and ascended masters. Some of them are always present, and others float in and out of your life when they’re needed.

As a beautiful glowing ember in the universe, your psychic child has a special connection to the spirit world, meaning their celestial helpers are much more accessible to them. You may find your child talking and playing with an “imaginary friend”, or recounting elaborate stories with their “imaginary friend”.

This friend is probably not imaginary at all… it is his or her spirit guide! Pay attention to the stories, and the encounters your child is having with their friend. Listen to the details of their appearance, and even their name. These details are not just make-believe; they are very real things that your child is experiencing with his or her psychic senses.

What are Spirit Guides?

Every person has a spirit guide! Your child’s spirit guide is a wonderful, life long friend. A friend that will never waiver or leave. The friendship of a spirit guide is a powerful, soul level connection. A spirit guides sole purpose is to guide your child on their life path.

Your psychic child’s unique perspective of the world allows their spirit guide to be much more accessible. This is a gift because they can talk, communicate and really get to know each other. If this is cultivated, and nourished it can continue, like all aspects of psychic unfoldment, into adulthood.

A spirit guide will watch over, guide, and protect your child. A spirit guide will disperse spiritual insights, and synchronicities into your child’s life. A spirit guide has a unique understanding of your child’s life path, and what he or she is meant to fulfill.

The powerful thing about a spirit guide is their unique vantage point on life. They are not all knowing, nor are they without opinions. But they do see things more clearly and they remain much more objective. This relationship will help your psychic child feel more safe, grounded and connected as he or she moves through life.

How to recognize the presence of your child’s Spirit Guide

Your child’s spirit guide will show up when he or she needs them the most. Guides often appear when there is extreme changes, stress, or something unsettling ahead. They also appear when a child is “losing time” or engrossed in their own little world of play and imagination.

Sometimes a child will hear their name being called, either from a distance, or right before sleep. This is typically a guide trying to get their attention. It isn’t something to be alarmed about. Always ask the question, “Does it sound friendly?”

Guides will sometimes appear as flashing lights, sparkles, bubbles, or other glimmers of light, and color. When I see spirit guides they usually appear as blue or white lights. Shadows or silhouettes can be the presence of a sprit guide as well ( I would do a little more investigation).

Dreams are a common meeting place between your child and their spirit guide. Dreams usually become doorways to the astral world, meaning that your child can explore other places, times, and different facets of the Other Side. Many stories have been told of a child visiting the Other Side with their guide showing them all around.

Your psychic child probably has a good idea of their spirit guides name, and appearance. Ask them who their friend is, and what they look like. See what details they give you. They usually have a name instantly!

Spirit Guides name and appearance

It isn’t uncommon for a guides name to be the same as your child’s, or to be some other name that you or your child favors. Really a guide doesn’t mind the name used to call them. They just want to develop a working relationship with your child to best help them.

Spirit guides tend to appear in one form, but they can change that as well. If they are seen as a sparkling light, they can also be seen in a human form. But some spirit guides will choose to visit as an animal, or some other creature. It is all about what your psychic child, and the spirit guide feels safe with.

That is the foundation of the spirit guide relationship… feeling safe. A spirit guide is a friend, protector, and guide. If your psychic child is feeling uneasy about their friend then you should explore more.

Remind your child that they can ask their spirit guide to come however they wish!

Some children will even cling to a favorite stuffed animal…which becomes a life line to the spirit guide. There is energy in everything… so take this into consideration when exploring your psychic child’s actions.

Communicating with a Spirit Guide

Let your child know that it is okay to talk to their spirit guide. They can play, and chat and explore together. The best way for a relationship to develop between a child and their spirit guide is through talking.

Talk out loud. Ask questions. Give opinions. Confide in them. Try this yourself!

A spirit guide will find a way to communicate. This can come in so many different forms. Your child may see symbols, visions; hear reoccurring songs, verbal communication, feelings, etc. It can be very unique, and constantly changing.

When it comes to working with your psychic child, and helping them to develop a relationship with their spirit guide…. Have an open mind and be an explorer!

A fun exercise for your child is to write letters to their spirit guide. Write a letter and leave it under their pillow, or near a tree. Tell them to ask for some kind of response from their spirit guide. This can be a really fun game. Something will appear!

Spirit guides love creativity. Any kind of creative activity will bring your child closer to their guide. Encourage them to draw and paint. Maybe ask them to illustrate a portrait of their guide!

Another great technique for connecting with a spirit guide, and the Universe is using a divination system. Tarot, or some type of oracle card. This can be really fun to do with your psychic child because they will see connections in the images that you never even thought of. Let their imagination run wild!

A few more things

I encourage you to talk with your psychic child. Being open to the psychic world can be confusing at times, but when nurtured and approached with healthy boundaries it is a gift. Communication is the number one way to make the psychic world safe, and accessible.

It is easy to disregard your child’s experiences as imagination, but remember that imagination is the pathway to intuition. What your child creates as they play, most likely has roots in a very real, spiritual experience. So ask questions. Never judge. Just ask more questions.

And as always… HAVE FUN!


About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an intuitive reader, energy worker, fashion designer, artist, writer and spiritual nomad. Shaheen coaches people to live more consciously through spiritual practices such as spiritual cleaning, protection, and intuitive development. He is also the creator of, Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle. To read Shaheen’s writing or to learn more about Intuitive Consultations visit his Website.

© Shaheen Miro 2015

10 thoughts on “Befriending Spirit Guides (Imaginary Friends Aren’t Make-Believe) by Shaheen Miro

  1. My daughter has a friend named Monster. It started when she was 4 and she’s 7 years old, now. I can’t really tell if her friend is real or not because she says he is just pretend. I’ve always told her that it’s ok if Monster is real but she still says he isn’t. But she plays card games with him, I’ve heard her laughing at his “jokes” in the middle of the night at 3am, sometimes he goes places with us, and then her older brother even started talking to and about “Monster”. And then Monster also has a family (Baby Monster, Mommy Monster, and Daddy Monster) who she also interacts with. I suppose if she says he isn’t real, then maybe I should just believe her?

    The older she gets, the less often Monster comes up.

    1. Sweetie! Thanks for the comment. It may be that your daughter feels safer think that the ‘friend named Monster’ is pretend. And so, it might be. She is the only one who will really know. But this is a way for her intuitive gifts to open up and be used in the future. So it is a good thing. She and you and her brother will benefit from it…M/

  2. I am now 50 years old, but as a child I had an ‘imaginary friend’ for at least a couple of years. If I saw that child today I would recognise him as my memory of him is very clear. He would come to play with me often. His name was Edward, he told me this. He always wore the same clothes, even when we would sit in the wading pool. I remember one day my mother telling me that we had to go out. Edward happened to be with me at the time so I asked if he could come. She asked me where he was and I just could not understand why she was asking me that as he was standing right beside me. I looked at her, really perplexed, pointed to my right and said, ‘he’s HERE’. It dawned on me in that moment that she couldn’t see him & I had no idea why. Up until that moment, it had never crossed my mind that my mother couldn’t see him because to me he was a real boy who used to come & play. He was about my age at the time. Do you think he was just borne of my imagination?

    1. Thanks for your note Paula~~ The experience you have had with a special friend in your childhood years I am sure was real. Children are very open to spirit energies, spirit guides and angels. It is only after they are indoctrinated to the Third Dimensional World, that they may start to lose the awareness. Some keep it all their lives. But as worldly things become more interesting and on their minds, then the spirit world starts to fade. Your friend was real, but your mother just lost the ability to understand it. Blessings…M/

  3. Hi! I am 33 yrs old and in the process of shedding the protective layers that I have built up throughout the years. I have also had “lost” memories coming back. I remember as a child sitting in my room playing and talking with a man. There were always many others around me also. I have many memories that go along with my friends. The only name that I remember was Ernie and I could only fully see him in the bathroom mirror. He was the only child amonst my friends and he looked like a male version of myself. Something inside of me knows that this was my connection to my higher self. I remember the day playing in my room that I was talking to one of the men was the day that my mother first learned that I was surrounded in “imaginary friends”. I was about 3 at the time. Things started to change when I was about 5 after my little sister was born. One evening, I locked myself in the bathroom to talk to Ernie. My mother was enraged that I was,I can only assume, to consumed in the conversation with him to notice her trying to get in. She didn’t believe me when I told her that I didn’t hear her. She told me that if I ever wanted to be big like every body else then I had to stop talking to people who weren’t there. I truly believe that these are core memories that helped base the layers that I am now trying to shed. I felt safe and confident when I could see and hear them. All my life, I have known that I am not alone and I have an amazing ability of just knowing and feeling things that others don’t seem to understand. I know they still surround me though I desire the connection that I once had

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