What Are the “New Energies” Like?



Are you experiencing unusually strange symptoms? Do you find it difficult to sleep? Or do you have high anxiety? Are you confused at odd times, or lose time?

You might be experiencing the shift of the New Energies. Listen to this podcast on Talktainment Radio aired on Monday, May 18 with hosts Tammi and Larry Rager and guest Melissa Leath.


Click and Listen

Be sure to turn up your speakers!

Please post your comments below….. what kind of symptoms do you have?

Melissa Leath http://www.melissaleath.com

2 thoughts on “What Are the “New Energies” Like?

  1. Yes yes yes, I thought I was losing my mind. I do not and have never suffered from anxiety, headaches, nothing. My recent experience has been a feeling of overwhelming energy, anxiety, tiredness, feeling as though I have not slept, a sense that something is always going on around me, and that something is being communicated to me in an energetic way. I feel as though I am not really here; but I’m watching myself from somewhere outside myself. Like I am half in my body and half outside. I feel pressure all around me. I feel everything.

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