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6 thoughts on “Newsletter+

  1. My daughter has been seeing my step dad for 2 yrs now and every now and then she tells me about some 1 new and yesturday she was telling me about a Andrew and he was bad and has red eyes but then she said today he isnt bad no more so my ? Is should i b worried.

    1. Crystal~ Thanks for the question. Sounds like your daughter is wide open to all different spirits. She needs to learn to create a protective bubble so only positive energies can come to her. She needs to know that she is in control of all things around her and in her energy field. Read some other articles I have on this blog and you will learn much more. No, do not worry, just give her tools to keep her safe. Blessings.

  2. Omg thanks you so much for making this website , I have learned so much about my self an what has been going on my whole life , almost everything your article said is happening to me , I thought I was just making it up in my head but at the same time I knew i wasn’t , since I was about 3 years old I’ve been seeing a figure that follows me everywhere , an I mean everywhere I go . I can go out of my state an he’s still floating in the air right beside me . I thought I was going crazy because I seen so many different figures , there a light blue sparkly color with like orbes in it . There’s just so many of them . I so glad I found this article now that I know what’s been going on . I’m 14 now , do you think I will be able to see them when I get older?. But thanks for making this article

    1. Glad you found us here, Hanna! If you want to continue your journey with sparkles as you get older, I have many readers that still see them as adults. It is all up to your interest. Blessings…M/

  3. When I was child my stepfather molested me in EVERY WAY. Especially late at night in my bedroom. I prayed to God to please protect me from him and I was baptized. I felt God was my only hope. At 12 I was attempting suicide already. I began seeing the most beautiful blue fluorescent angel like figures flying around my bedroom at night. At first I thought I was crazy, but then a peaceful feeling came over me and the Lord just told me I will protect you. You are my child! I became like in a trance watching these beautiful creature s fly around my room at night. I was still scared in my mind not understanding for sure if this was God protecting me, but I would watch them for hours…and he never snuck I to my bed again! I was finally able to get some much needed sleep and my stepfather began a horrible downward spiral that eventually led to his death. I do have PTSD still at 51, but I truly believe in God and his guardian angels which I do still sometimes see when things are going rough. I k ow I also do have some special abilities the average human doesn’t. I just need to finally tell my story.

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