Out of Body? Get Grounded

Are You Out of Body?

These days of transitions are surely interesting: Up one day and down the next; in the money one week, broke the next; total comprehension one moment, not a clue the next.

How do you cope with it?

Most of us tend to go out of body. We deal with the day-to-day stuff, sure enough. But when it comes to being present and aware, totally in charge of our lives, we just aren’t available. In fact, a large group of us–yes, even the “meta-people”, are electing to float in astral space, than to be present in the physical.

If you are not understanding my meaning, try these exercises:

  • Sit quietly for five minutes only paying attention to how your body feels. Do your shoes pinch your feet? Is your waistband too tight? Are you breathing shallowly or in the full abdomen? Are there any aches or pains? Take stock of your body parts…Check in on the liver: what is it saying? Are your lungs in good working order? Are you on good terms with your heart?
  • Now, go to the pile of bills or papers you’ve been collecting. Look at them. Act on them. Make a plan for payment. Make phone calls concerning the bills, if need be. File your papers. Organize or throw away. Take charge of that all important area of your life. This may take several hours. But it helps get you in your body.

If you have trouble staying in the task, or you let your mind wander in other directions, then you probably are living most of your life out of body.

Usually, a major event that is difficult to deal with, sorrowful or extremely painful will throw you out of body. It’s the ultimate way of disconnecting with the thing that is difficult. Over a period of time, it’s important to deal with the situation. Then you are present and physically aware again. But many of us keep finding ways of not dealing.

You may recognize someone around you that is very spacey or in “la-la land”. I’ve heard the discription “she is airy-fairy”. That person has successfully disconnected with physical reality.

Some may argue they are striving to be more spiritual and connected with the Spirit Realm. But my question is this: Why bother being in the physical body? Haven’t we agreed to experience the third dimension? Aren’t we spirit–being humans?

Then it is important to blend the three aspects of self: body, mind and spirit. We become a whole person, perceiving reality–totally perceiving reality. 

Blessings until next time…M


What Is The Spirit World, Anyway?

 Understanding the Levels of Spirit

Seeing into the Heavens

Seeing into the Heavens

As you grow up from a small child into adulthood, you are always introduced to the term, heaven. Normally, it is when a close loved one dies and your parents try to explain to you about the passing of life. They really don’t know what it is or how to describe it. It usually ends up being a lovely place we all go when our bodies die. And Grandma is now an angel.

But over the years, we begin to believe heaven or the spiritual world is the only higher level of vibration separate from the physical world: all spirits in the spirit world are highly evolved beings. Quite often, while discussing this work, generalities are made. Psychic readers talk about “the material world” or “the spirit world”. This is very limiting. It completely leaves out the majority of layers that represent the vibrations of spirit.

The world of spirit is used to convey all frequencies including that of loved ones who have died. But we tend to only think of our grandparents in the spirit world. The world of spirit is very vast and includes lower as well as, higher entities. You may be aware of angels and spirit guides in the reachable spirit realm of existence.

There are also expanded levels (or other heavens) with archangels and other highly evolved entities unreachable to mere mortals, such as in the Un-Manifest, Expressive, Causal, Mental, and Emotional Planes.

These planes do not need what we know as the laws of physics. Space and time do not exist outside of the physical world. Those of us in the body are the only ones who maneuver in the third dimension, and have no concept of what it would be like not to live here.

We are all part of one huge, dimensionless object made of things not of this world. Yet they are manifested in the elements of solid, liquid, gas and the ethers so we may live and understand them with physical recognition.

Our bodies are alive because they are temporarily inspirited within a time and space window. Our souls are eternally alive because they are eternally inspirited, part of the infinite existence of all.

As our awareness expands in life with the experiences we are having, we begin to see life as a whole: The wholeness of all of creation and interconnection with All. This symbolizes our idea of total consciousness.

Chain of Command

To be able to understand how Spirit Communication works, it is first important to understand the different levels of spirit. This is something that is rarely spoken of or taught. A large number of readers, whether they are psychics or mediums, may not have any concept of where they are getting their information. To them, especially if there was no instruction, spirit is spirit and it must all be good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To me, it could be risky not understanding the chain of command. As explained earlier, there are many trickster spirits in other realms and astral energies representing them selves as well known Biblical personalities, historical figures and even entertainers. These impersonators actually get their kicks by making you think they are who they say they are.

~~This Excerpt is taken from Chapter 3, How You Can Talk to Heaven, and How You Can’t, from Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics (Copyright 2009), by Rev. Melissa Leath. To read more, you can buy the book on http://www.PsychicIntegrity.com