Proof Watch Party, John Edward, and Residual Hauntings

proofHave you been watching Proof, a television program on TNT network? It’s pretty amazing, if you like to investigate life after death, and spirit communication. (Description: Following the death of her teenage son, a divorce, and a rift with her daughter, Dr. Carolyn Tyler is persuaded by Ivan Turing, a tech inventor and billionaire with cancer, to investigate supernatural cases of reincarnation, near-death experiences, and hauntings, in hopes to find evidence that death is not final.)

I was invited to a Watch Party with John Edward last week. It was very interesting idea: watch the program, follow his Tweets and Facebook posts about the program as it is shown.

He also had one of the actors from the Proof program (Jennifer Beal) with him. So you could get inside information that way too.

I do not have Tweet capability (never could figure that out!), but I did watch the posts on John’s Facebook page. And followers could post questions and comments to his page too. He commented with answers when he could.

I know how this type of thing goes, as far as the Facebook interaction. I have a monthly Interactive Discussion on a Secret Page of Facebook. It is part of my Monthly Online Psychic Development Class. Members receive a Video Packet (video lesson and guided meditation audio by me), at the first of each month. Then they watch the lesson and use the meditation each day during the month in their own spare time. Then we get together at the end of the month to discuss and question what transpired for each member.

Anyway, it is really fun to do that Facebook discussion. It moves really fast, and you have to follow what everyone is saying and respond to it. It has always been fun and informative. So for John Edward to put one of these things together must have really been fun for him and Jennifer Beal of Proof.

ghostinroomThere was one area of the program that I know was incorrect. The medium that was consulted about the haunting at the church and graveyard made a statement that I do not agree with. He said that a residual haunting was when the soul separated from a dying person during a traumatic death event. And the soul was still on earth haunting the area.

Well, the way I understand it, a residual haunting is a culmination of energy from a traumatic event creating an imprint. It is like a replay of the event over and over, but there are no spirits involved. It is only the result of such strong energy. The spirit (or soul) of the person who died is not still there haunting the place.

Now, I have only watched this one episode. But if all of them are disseminating incorrect information like this, it cannot benefit us in anyway. If you know me at all, you know I only stand for integrity in this field. Anything else is not worth my time.

I am sorry to say that I do not support this program, and will not endorse it. And it’s too bad. Because we need high standards and honest reflection of our spiritual (albeit paranormal) endeavors. Of course, I consider what I do as normal — not paranormal. But that is another article!

If you saw the program, give me a shout out below on the comments area. Let me know what you think.

Copyright 2015, Melissa Leath


Psychic Mind or Physical Brain?


Your mind is activated by the energy of spirit. That, in turn energizes the brain. The only reason you retain memory is this: your brain is activated to be the vehicle of the mind. When my physical body dies, Melissa’s brain can’t recall any information. But the spirit of Melissa has every bit of information she experienced, sent during her life through the link between her brain and her mind.

That is the main reason intuitives and mediums can contact spiritual information. It is now in the Universal Mind. Many believe mediums talk only to the dead. Well, a medium is a connection between the physical and the spirit, also known as the “go-between”. Yes, mediums do contact the spirits of people who have died, but they also can contact the spirit of someone still living. It’s the energy field or aura of the spirit around the physical body that is tapped.

This is an excerpt from Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics.

Ethics of a Psychic Reading — BOOK REVIEW

Ethics of a Psychic Reading, A Guide for Professional and Amateur Messengers of Psychic Information, by author Suzanne Newnham

Suzanne Newnham’s experience as a medium and healing therapist has done her well. It has given her knowledge and understanding in the hidden and intricate nuances of working with energy and the world of Spirit. As I review this volume, I sense her love of humankind and sincere wish to impart positive and uplifting data to those who are interested in psychic and medium information. There are folks who are just embarking in the spiritual and energetic work as well as those who have been steeped in the work for many years. Each category will gain unbounded assistance in recognizing the proper way to work in the public forum. Also advanced in this book is the general public wishing to receive genuine psychic/medium readings, but not knowing the proper things to look for or pursue.

One area that Suzanne expands is to understand that a psychic and medium reader has a very strong responsibility when working with someone else’s energy. This covers the idea of ethics and how a reader engages with their client and how they receive psychic and spirit information.

Newnham does not spend time teaching the development of the gifts, but helping us understand what a reputable reading looks like, the different levels involved, and the dynamics of a reader. She shares the differences between the terms intuitive, psychic, and medium, and all the finer levels dealing with each.

In her book, Ethics of a Psychic Reading, you can find out about: haunted houses, channeling, phone readings, psychic fairs, finding evidence of a loved one in spirit, ethical behavior in psychic readings, how to act as a client, and how a reader should act, cold readings and “fishing” for information, and why you might want a reading from a psychic or medium.

All in all, Suzanne Newnham has addressed anything and everything you could possibly want to know (and then some) about giving or receiving a reading. I whole heartedly recommend this guide as a way to decide what you want and then how to go about getting it when it comes to psychic readings. Very well written and easy to understand, Newnham lovingly escorts you through the appreciation of receiving genuine information from sources beyond our understanding to benefit you in your life.

I am very pleased and honored to be associated with Suzanne Newnham as a fellow author and psychic medium.

Respectfully submitted, Melissa Leath, author of Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics and Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids.

You Are An Astral Being

DoorwayGuidesEWho are you? Are you able to access other realms? Other life times? Other parallel universes? Spirit Guides? Angels?

You are an astral being: A Spirit (that is) being Human in the physical realm. In this form you can astral travel to other worlds, sleep, dream, and ultimately transition out of this world.

You can perceive astral and physical awareness with your five senses. You see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with senses that bring information about the world you live in to the mind. You rely on these senses for all of your information about the physical world.

But if an angel stood right next to you, you probably would never know it. Your five physical senses don’t tell you about other planes of existence, such as the Etheric Plane (this is where your Spirit Guides and Angels reside.) As a matter of fact, your senses can trick your ego into believing that anything higher than the dream/physical matrix of worlds has no existence at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are at least seven dimensions of reality that make up our universe. These dimensions are all around you, but your senses are not able to pick up the information streaming into your brains from these worlds.

In order for other realities to exist, your consciousness must continually tune into and create every bit of every scene that you experience. Nothing exists until consciousness decides that it does. So, if consciousness creates your reality, why would it limit you to only astral and physical senses?

This quote was taken from the newest addition to my Kindle E-Book selections, Doorway to Your Spirit Guides. If you are serious about developing your psychic and medium abilities, then the first thing you should do is create a special rapport with your Spirit Guides. By purchasing this ebook, you receive a special BONUS: Guided Meditation Audio to help you connect with your guides.

If you are connected with “kindleunlimited” then this selection is FREE.

Let me know how you like the book by leaving a review on Amazon! Thanks…Melissa

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get a Good Psychic Reading (and what to do about it).

Have you ever had a psychic reading that just seems to be opposite from what makes sense to you? Did the psychic say things that came from out of left field? Were the names of in-spirit loved ones the medium gave you all wrong?

Join then club!

I think everyone who has ever gone to a reader, has had a reading that just did not “fit”.

So, what does that mean? Let’s look at the possibilities. Because there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this. Here are some thoughts about the reasoning behind goofy readings (please indulge me):

1) Psychic Readers and Mediums are human. Sometimes readers just have a bad day, and nothing “comes in” psychically, or their energy is low. They may be receiving information, but do not realize it is not on mark. If you recognize this (especially if you have had a good session with this reader before), then say so. Let the reader know that you don’t feel the reading is going well, and suggest you reschedule the session for another time. If your reader has integrity, they will probably recognize it and agree with you. .

2) If there was a friend with you during the reading. Your reader might be fine with your friend being there. But sometimes the friend will be a very high-energy person. And it can be difficult to separate the energies. Also, you might really want to have a PRIVATE session, but do not know how to say it. This could create conflicting vibrations. (I always ask the client what they want, “It is up to you if your friend sits in.”) It’s always best to go to your reading independently. If you wish to share the information received later, that is up to you.

3) Your energy might be flowing in an opposite direction at the time (upset, angry, depressed, etc.) You have a responsibility to come to your reading in a positive and relaxed mood. It is very difficult to read someone if they are angry and upset about something. Spend some time meditating or releasing the stresses in your life before you go. You might also ask your reader to lead you through a quick relaxation meditation as part of the session.

4) The reader might not be legitimate. I know it’s hard to believe, but some readers are not really psychic or mediums. They might think so, but they are not well trained in the appropriate way to receive information. They could be getting their information from a very low spirit. Or they might be giving you a scammed reading. If you suspect this, don’t wait until it is over. Do not let them mess around with your vibrations. After 5-10 minutes, you should realize that the session is not going well, or that you have a bad feeling with the reader. Stop the session. Stand up and say you are canceling the reading and will not continue. If you have already paid for it, ask for your money back. Do not apologize (cause it is not your fault). Then leave.

5) The reader can only connect with your energy if you are willing to be open. If you are not really ready to receive what a psychic or medium has to say, then it is not a good time to have a reading. In other words, if you do not want to know the answer, then do not ask the question! Also, do not assume what the answer is. Be open to the idea that the universe might have something better for you.

Lastly, know that you are in charge of your own body-mind-spirit. Pay attention to your own intuition. You know best for yourself. And when you go to a reader (psychic or medium) whatever is given to you should only be used as information to base your decisions. Your life is in your hands — no one else’s. Do not go to readers so that they can tell you what to do. Do not give your power away like that.

~May you always connect with the right reader for your personal needs…M/

Back to Work ~~ Psychic Work, That is…

Seers and Mystics

Seers and Mystics

Well now. The Big Deal is done. And now it is time to return to normal again.

Or is it?

What was the Big Deal? Well, it was the free, live, online workshop I was privileged to present on the Hay House Radio Website on Tuesday July 11. The name of it is “Discover Your Psychic Integrity, The Secrets to Psychic Medium Development.” And it was highlighting my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. (You can see the cover photo on the right side column)

There was quite a lot of planning, organizing (even though I end up talking intuitively), promoting, etc. Then the date was changed last minute because Hay House had a large World Summit that ran a little long… So I had to re-promote. And, needless to say, there was some tension because of that.

But you know what? The new date was soooo much better! Everything just fell into place. People were registering for the event ahead of time. And when the event came time, I had close to 700 pre-registered listeners!

So after the event was over, I felt like I should take some time off. You know, to re=adjust. After all, I ran some pretty heavy energy… But, no one else seemed to think I needed time off. I kept getting emails from new clients and students, requests for new classes, phone calls about other works as well. I think I am supposed to keep going, only in accelerated mode.

There is no returning to normal. I guess that term: “normal” does not mean anything any more. There is no basis to normal anymore. We just have to keep going, always changing and shifting the energy. And know that what is to come will be better each time it changes.

I am ready.

Oh, BTW — The workshop will be available for free until the end of July. So keep in touch, and I will give details as soon as I have them!



Second Program Completed: Two More Professional Psychic Mediums are Certified.


As the second (one-year) program for 2012 finalizes, two more women are certified as professional psychic mediums: Vivian Harris of Dayton, Ohio, and Susan Williams of Crooksville, Ohio. They have made a major decision in their lives to expand who they are and how they envision their future in the metaphysical world.

Harris and Williams have participated in and completed the requirements for full certification in Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Art’s Program for Professional Psychic/Mediums. The program was implemented and facilitated by Reverend Melissa Leath in 2011, and structured around her latest book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics (Balboa Press, division of Hay House Publishing).

The preparation of the program was in the making for three years as Leath pulled over 30 years of experience into four levels of study: (1) Spiritual Awakening, covering grounding and foundational concepts, development meditation, and self-exploration; (2) Psychic Awareness, understanding earth vibrations, energy exercises, working with auras and energy fields; (3) Mental Mediumship, direct vibrational messages, public presentation and polishing, getting ready for responsibility and gallery demonstration; and, (4) Professional Psychic-Medium, understanding and incorporating your gift into service, creating your own reality, living your spiritual understanding, and preparing for professional work with the public.

The program included not only four workshops throughout the year, but also had mandatory accumulation of student study points. This was in the form of volunteer outreach in the field of metaphysics, verifiable attendance in other classes and workshops with reports, research and essays, critiques of other practitioners and experiences, practice readings, and notes on meditations. The year was full of purposeful study, so it was a specific plan of work in the spiritual and metaphysical fields.

Reverend Leath is a Life Visionary and Spiritual Educator. Her gifts in service include mediumship, spiritual counseling, licensed minister, author and lecturer. It is a life-long dream to be able to share her experiences and learned lessons in the metaphysical and spiritual areas with others. ( )

Vivian Harris comes from a holistic health background with a specialty in Reiki healing and desire to assist people with their emotional and holistic needs. She has participated in many intuitive development classes and other holistic workshops, and is continuing unfoldment of her psychic and medium gifts. She is also a Divine Grace Healing facilitator.

Susan Williams has worked with spirit energy and those who have passed over for her entire life, and has recently decided to pursue this area of expertise more diligently. She has participated in many workshops and classes in the metaphysical and holistic areas. Her interest is around grief counseling and verification of life after death. She is following her interest in volunteer hospice serve, after being involved as an emergency medical specialist providing care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. Williams also works closely with psychic energies of animals and pets.

“Vivian and Susan are ready to add their glowing energies and to be of service to those in need of their assistance. I am so proud of them, and their dedication. It has been my pleasure to have facilitated their expansion of abilities.” ~~Melissa Leath


2013 Professional Psychic Certification Program is now taking registration. The pre-requisite for the program is at least one year of knowledge and use of psychic or medium abilities. Level One will be Saturday, February 23, 2013. Three other level workshops will take place in May, August and November. To register for the program, or talk to Melissa about it, please call her home-office at 937-323-5346. More information can be see at