Charge for the Gifts of Spirit?


Know Your Worth, and Be Worthy of Your Knowing
Taken from Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics, Chapter 8 The Bottom Line

Some students ask me: Is it right to charge for one’s services as a medium? After all, it’s a gift from God, isn’t it? It seems like you are cashing in on God’s goodness by taking money for it.

I love that question and I grappled with it myself for many years. When we were working within the Spiritualist Church, an associate medium got a small booth at area psychic fairs and charged for short readings. I was aghast! I felt she was disrespecting the spiritual gift by charging for her readings.

Several years later, I went to a psychic fair just to see what it was all about. There were readers and vendors, and several people giving lectures about various spiritual and metaphysical concepts. The attendees were hungry for information. Some were unfamiliar with the concept of spiritualism, but still were interested in finding out about spirit communication.

The short readings that attendees paid for introduced them to spirit communication and psychic abilities. I realized that there are other valid ways to present spiritual information as well as in church. Educating the public about spiritual concepts can be a respectable way to make a living.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever bought a beautiful painting because the artwork and colors were so special? Have you ever had your transmission rebuilt by an expert mechanic who had been recommended to you? Have you eaten at a five-star restaurant and tasted the exploding flavors of the chef’s specialty? Or bought an engaging musical recording by an aspiring singer/songwriter? All these people have God-given talents as well. Would you suggest these artists just give you what they do, without any kind of compensation? If you’ll notice, the artists and chefs and mechanics that are extremely talented and sought after receive the highest pay.

Being a medium, psychic or intuitive is no different. Many readers have been led to do this spiritual work full time. It is their ministry. Ministers from many religions receive a salary, and earn their living that way. Do not judge anyone who is asking for payment as an even exchange of energy.

When you go back to the thought and understanding that everything is energy, then money starts to make more sense. I believe that all service is worth a fair and even exchange of energy. Many times that means paying money for what services you receive. Other times, an exchange of materials or other services is appropriate. Many people embrace bartering as a means for this.

If you intend to make a living as a psychic or medium then you will want to address the idea of accepting money as a way of exchanging energy. Look around at other readers to get a good idea of what the market in your area is doing with charging for services. Be sure to stay within that market range. Many readers provide two different time frames for readings: one long session for full readings (usually an hour, depending on the type of reading you do), the other is a shorter session (to address specific areas or follow-up from another session).

Be sure to let your client know what the time frames are for each session, and then adhere to it by setting a timer. Starting on time and ending on time is essential. You create the time standard by the way you deal with it. I usually set my timer five to ten minutes before the session is over. I tell the client (before the session starts) that the timer will go off in time for us to wrap up the reading. That way they will know ahead of time when the session is done. If you honor the time set for the session and tell your client when it is over, then they will honor your time also.

Melissa Leath Copyright 2011
This is an excerpt from my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics.

Finding the Right Psychic For You

While talking to some new friends recently, I realized many folks do not know how to find a good psychic reader. But what is more important, they do not know how to find the Right Psychic for them. So I pulled out the book I wrote a couple years ago (Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics), and copied this information from it. If you are looking for just the right psychic for you, then here are some pointers:

“There are many quality and professional readers for you to choose from. But knowing ahead of time how the psychic proceeds in the reading is important. You want to have a competent and honest reader. There are some simple guidelines for the process of choosing a reader:

“1. Know what you want. Why are you going to a reader? Is there something specific you want to know? Is it about a past problem or emotional issue? Do you want to see what is possible for the future? Is it dealing with the loss of a loved one? What is your bottom line? It is easier to interview your potential readers knowing what information you want. Find out if their focus and style fit your needs. Usually, any type of reading can assist you with questions about your life. It is the reader’s psychic ability, or skill with divination tools, that supplies your answers.

“2. You are shopping for a life consultant. Your interview should reflect that desire. Ask questions to find out exactly what you want to know about the reader. (I’ll give sample answers after each question.) How long have you been a reader? (A reader who has only been working with the public for a few months may not be qualified or experienced enough to address your situation.) Who were your teachers or mentors? (Most reputable readers have studied with someone for a number of years, learning to use their gifts, and relying on the mentor for assistance in understanding the dynamics of psychic/medium abilities.) How do you receive your information and what kind of things could you tell me? (The reader will tell you if they are able to connect with your energy field, connect with spirit energies, or use a tool, such as tarot or palms.) What is a typical reading like? (The reader should be able to tell you how long the reading will last, if they use prayer and protection, if they expect questions, or would rather give channeled information from their guides.)

“3. Ask if they provide a taped reading (or other recording/ transcript). If not, let them know you will be bringing your own recorder. You can refer to the recording later, again and again, and receive the full benefit of the reading.

“4. How do you feel while talking to the readers? Do they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Do they take the time to explain their answers fully? Expect the same results from the reading.

“While attending a psychic fair or other metaphysical event with multiple readers, you have a chance to use some of the suggested guidelines listed above. This is a perfect place to find a new reader, especially if you have never had a session with a psychic before. As you enter the event, be sure to pick up a program guide, listing all the exhibitors there. Read the description for each reader. Highlight a few that look promising to you and go to their booths to see them.

“Notice what the booth looks like. Is it nicely decorated, or does it look plain or disheveled? Does the reader seem approachable? Ask them some of the questions I have suggested to determine the right reader for you. How do you feel about the person while you talk to them? These are ways to help you decide who is right for you.

“Another good way to find a reader is to go to a local metaphysical book store. Many times, the book store will have one or more readers there that give readings on a regular basis. Talk to the owner or manager of the store and ask about the readers there.

“Tell the person in charge that you have not had a reading before and ask for their suggestion on who would be good.”

What kind of experiences have you had with your quest for the right psychic? Leave a comment below so everyone can benefit from your thoughts. Thanks!

2011 Copyright, Melissa Leath, Psychic Integrity.

Developing Mediumship Is No Easy Road

psychicdoorAAAI have met several people (and more very recently) who have always had mediumistic abilities. You notice I did not say they were mediums. Because being a medium is very different that having the ability to be one.

Example: Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have two neighbors. Marge and Susan are both six years old. They both love to stand on the stage and sing. (sometimes it sounds good, but usually not) Whenever Marge has a chance, she goes to the stage and sings. (sometimes it sounds good, but usually not) However, Susan starts going to other places to sing too, such as church events, birthday parties, school plays, etc. As Susan grows a little, she asks her parents to let her take singing lessons. She gets better, and begins to understand how to control her voice. Then she studies music in college and over many years becomes a vocal artist.

Marge and Susan both had the ability to be singers. Susan studied and worked at it to control the ability and become the singer. Marge stayed where she was without ever growing.

Developing mediumship requires time, hard work, study, and patience. There is nothing instant about developing mediumship. Intuition, psychic abilities, and mediumship are ongoing processes, requiring considerable practice and study. It does not manifest after a weekend intensive with certificate of completion. There is a certain integrity that comes after years of study and practice.

Connecting with your first spirit entities, or seeing and hearing spirits, as a young child is a good start. But this does not give you the ability to understand how to assist others in dealing with their problems in a consultation. You still do not know what to do if you connect with a lower entity. The responsibility is huge when it comes to this work.

There are many experiences, scenarios and practices that will help to perfect your newfound ability. It’s important to work with a mentor or teacher to recognize what to do in certain situations you have not yet experienced. Even well-established mediums continue to study and be guided, consulting with their teachers on a regular basis.

It’s important to learn and practice the techniques of presenting and delivering information you receive from spirit communication. Connecting with a deceased loved one is only the beginning of understanding the process.

Don’t be too anxious to hang a reader’s sign on your door. Handling certain experiences should be learned in class, not with a live client. It takes fierce commitment to responsibly enter someone’s personal space.

Mediumship does not happen overnight. It takes time to develop and time to understand the complexity of what is happening. Be ready to make a commitment to yourself to work on the gift for as long as it takes.

Do not rely solely on an unfoldment (spirit) circle each week to develop your gifts. Study on your own. Read as much as you can to continue your spiritual growth. It has been said that there is no final completion to mediumship, but a constant learning and growing.

So to develop into a strong medium, you must do like Susan did when she wanted to be a singer. She did everything she could to learn to control her voice and experience as much as possible.

Blessings until next time…M/

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part One

Old astronomical clock in the center square of Prague, Czech Republick

This excerpt from my book may step on a few toes. You might not go along with what I have shared. But, you know, I just have to keep it real. And this information is what my Spirit Guides have shared with me so I can share it with you. You might not like what I say here, but it will make you start thinking about what you have always called Heaven. So, keep an open mind (I’ll go a little more into that in the excerpt) and let the flowers’ fragrance lead you to your understanding. Oh. And the best comes in Part Two! So stay tuned in…

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part One
(Excerpt taken from Psychic Integrity)

From early childhood, we are introduced to the term heaven.
Normally, this happens when a close loved one dies and our parents try to explain about the passing of life. They really don’t know what it is or how to describe it. It usually ends up being described as a lovely place we all go when our bodies die. And Grandma is now an angel.

But over the years, we begin to believe that heaven, or the spirit world is the only higher existence besides the physical world, and all spirits in heaven are highly evolved beings. While discussing mediumship, psychic readers often talk about “the material world” versus “the spirit world”. These dualistic generalities are too limiting. They ignore the majority of layers that represent the many vibrations of spirit.

The term spirit world is generally used to describe all frequencies, including that of loved ones who have died. We tend to think only of our grandparents in the spirit world. But the world of spirit is vast, and includes lower as well as higher entities. You may be aware of angels and spirit guides in the spirit realm of existence. There are also expanded planes (or other “heavens”). These planes have archangels and other highly evolved entities, out of reach to mere mortals. These levels are known as the Celestial, Expressive, Causal, Mental, and Emotional planes of existence. These planes do not need what we know as the “laws of physics”. Space and time do not exist outside of the third-dimensional physical world. Those of us in the physical body are the only ones who maneuver exclusively in the third dimension. We have little or no concept of what it would be like to live outside of these limitations.

We are part of one huge, multidimensional cosmos made of things not of this world. Yet they are manifested here in the elements of solids, liquids, gases and the ethers, so that we may live and understand them with physical recognition. Our bodies are alive because they are temporarily inspirited within a time and space window. Our souls are eternally alive because they are eternally inspirited, part of the infinite existence of all.

As our awareness of life expands with our experiences, we begin to see life as a whole: the wholeness of all of creation and interconnection with Creator Source.

Chain of Command
To understand how spirit communication works, it is first important to understand the different levels of spirit, which I call planes of existence. This is something that is rarely taught or even spoken of. Some readers, whether they are psychics or mediums, may not have any concept of where they are getting their information. To these readers, especially if there was no instruction, spirit is spirit, and it must all be good.

Not understanding the chain of command could be risky. There are many trickster spirits in other planes, who represent themselves as well-known Biblical personalities, historical figures, and even entertainers. These impersonators enjoy the deception. Some psychic readers really want to believe that they have connected with this or that popular entity, and ego takes over. One hosts the other and the charade continues. But the danger of connecting with a deceptive spirit is that this spirit may not have the true information being sought. So let’s get a better picture of how the layers of the spirit world can interact and how they cannot.

As we discuss our spirit’s progression into the third dimensional world, it is important to recognize ourselves as spirit in human form. We actually descended into this third-dimensional human incarnation. Wanting to experience as much as possible, our spirit expanded into progressively denser frequencies, which became known to us as planes of existence. Each level became denser than the previous one, with denser forms to experience them. As we move farther from the Creator Source, the frequencies slow down, and are considered lower (and denser) than the original source. The subject is so vast (unlimited) that this chapter does not do it justice. However, I feel that the need to understand the concept in a simple manner is important to fully understand spirit communication.

Thinking out of the box. If you will, just for a few moments, indulge me by reading this chapter by considering that there may be many ways of thinking about our world. The information here could possibly challenge your core belief systems. I am not asking you to change your mind about anything. I don’t even ask you to believe anything I present there. All I ask is that you consider the possibilities. By thinking out of the box, we allow new ideas to blossom. This chapter on the different planes of existence is not just my idea, but shared by many philosophies, cultures, researchers, and religions. I happen to think it is important to consider when looking at the concept of spirit communication.

As I looked for ways to describe the different layers of existence, I came across many cultural and religious understandings about this entire topic. There were many words to describe these levels, many differing ideas of what each level represented, and so there was no one definitive source to glean from. I have pulled the concepts together here for you in the clearest form I could. Each level has a simplified description. In explaining the various levels or planes of existence, I will start from what I believe to be “the beginning” as the first plane, and work down to what is known as the physical existence or seventh plane. The layers are chronological from Creator Source down to the physical level (lighter, higher energies being at the top, and heavier, lower energies at the bottom).

This is opposite of what is normally presented, but it seems more logical to go from “start to finish”. I use the term self to express how spirit originally started from Creative Source, and has advanced from non-form potential into human physical form.

Here is a quick view of the seven planes of existence:
1. Celestial plane
2. Expressive plane
3. Causal plane
4. Mental plane
5. Emotional plane
6. Etheric plane
7. Physical plane

The planes of existence have protective veils, distinguishing each one from the others. Each is also divided into degrees, systems and numerous sub-categories. I will not present details concerning the many systems and sub-categories here, since I want to keep this explanation simplified.

Keep these things in mind as you read about each plane of existence:
• Subtle bodies: Portions of aura of self are created on each plane as subtle bodies. Each subtle body manifests as a form of conveyance when the desire for experience presents itself. They progressively combine to coexist with each other.

• DNA Strands: Each subtle body is imprinted with unmanifested DNA strands, known as the “blueprint of life”. Each plane creates two strands of DNA. So by the time self prepares to manifest as humanity in each physical form, twelve strands have accumulated from the six higher planes (Celestial, Expressive, Causal, Mental, Emotional, and Etheric).

…more on the explanations for each level is tomorrow…
Part Two coming tomorrow!
Copyright 2011, Melissa Leath, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics

Spirit Awareness

What Are Your Levels of Awareness?

Everyone has some kind of intuitive ability. Everyone is aware, on some level, of spirit; they are aware of those who passed away hovering close by; of impressions of people, places and things. Everyone has feelings about, or knows certain events before they happen.

Becoming intuitively aware is the main reason to develop or unfold. This awareness helps with personal and spiritual growth and understanding.

The only reason you may not be aware of things intuitively is that your life-style may have squeezed intuition out of your awareness. It is still there, but you may be so overcome by your duties in this world, you are not paying attention to the soft murmurs of your inner self.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the physical world. Society readily stresses the physical and mental components of our lives. As a result, the spiritual aspect of life has been diminished.


As humans, we live in three different levels: body, mind and spirit. Leaving out one section creates an imbalance. Not having enough time for one of these means your life is lacking one-third of its existence.

Life is not just the day-to-day events. It is a complex maze of experiences and learning how to deal with them; impressions and expressions, feelings and emotions, physical interactions with people, and making sense of it all.

When born, humans are fully connected with spirit and the inner self. Over the next two to three years, young children become deprogrammed from the spirit side of life and programmed into the third dimension. Most things known on the soul level is stripped away as they are indoctrinated into the physical dimension of earth.

Parents and loved ones begin their mission to help the child understand what earth is all about. The child becomes more distant from their inner soul understandings. Soon the true self is just a dream or image almost lost in the transition into the physical. “…the day of death (is) better than the day of birth,” according to the book Ecclesiastes 7:1, from the Old Testament. This has been commonly expressed in the saying “weep at a birth, and have joy at a death.” This must refer to all the good, although misguided intentions thrust on a baby. Eventually, the child loses all conscious contact with the strongest energy there is. Joy at death refers to flowing back and reuniting with what was known, but lost. Why did we forget? It was the human thing to do. But now, we realize there is something to remember.

Since we had a mask put over our eyes when we entered this world, we need to take time to reconnect with our spirit selves. That is why it is good to gather friends with like interests to sit together for unfoldment.

(More coming soon…)
2011 Copyright, Melissa Leath, Psychic Integrity, the Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics

What About Ouiji Boards?

Interesting… I just got a call from a college student, who was studying jounalism. She was preparing a magazine article assignment for her class, and was calling people to add information to her chosen topic. The subject was about paranormal activity and spirit communication. Since I have been a medium and metaphysical teacher for over 30 years, she found my information on the internet, and decided to call me.

Her main focus was on how interest of the paranormal has become so much more prevalent. It just came back to media again and again. But what was even more interesting was her next question.

She asked me about Ouija boards. The Ouija (trademarked name) is a board with letters and numbers on it. Generally, two people sit together (knees touching) and lightly place their finger tips on a planchette (small, light board with easy moving casters, that allow a pointer or window to point out each letter — forming words) This is supposed to create contact and communication with spirits from the “other side”.

This student journalist asked me why so many have a negative response when she mentions this “game”.

I remember as a young teenager, one Christmas gift that all three of us girls received. We always got some kind of boardgame to play as a family. That particular year we got a Ouiji board! Of course, my parents, being Methodist church-going people, and very conservative, had no idea of the reputation of this paranormal divination tool!

We kind  of played around with it and marveled at the almost instant movement we were able to get. And Dad teased us about spooky stuff happening. (He loved to scare us unmercilessly, especially during ghost movies.) But we never really knew why that pointer moved when we touched it. And after awhile, it was put in the closet for several years.

After I moved out of the house and married, my sisters, who were in high school by then, came to the house and asked us to keep the Ouiji board. They did not want it in the house with them! They proceeded to explain what had happened. They were together with another girl friend one evening, during a sleepover. And of course, they took turns trying out the mysterious Ouiji board. They asked silly questions about this boy and that boy, and when would they get married, etc.

Then, (why, I do not know) they asked when the friend would die! It said she would die when she was 18 years old. I guess it really freaked them out, especially since they were so close to that age. And they packed up the board and asked us to take it.

We did, and I did not want to see it, so I took it to the basement and placed it on a shelf in a storage area and closed the door.

The next year, their friend came down with a very quick infection and died. She was 18 years old.

The Ouiji board stayed in the basement until we moved from that house. When we were packing things, I went down to clear out the basement and throw away unused things — including the board. But it was not there. It was gone. I do not know where it went. And I will not ask. Do not want to know…

What I can tell you is this: when using any form of spirit communication tool, always treat it with respect. Ask that only the highest and best vibrations be contacted. Say a prayer of protection for  yourself with a white light of protection or a pink light of love. Do not act silly. It is a very serious thing when you connect with the spirit world. It is not a game.

Many years of study and training is needed to work with the world of spirit. And if you do not take it seriously, then do not fool with it at all.

You can find out much more about developing your mediumistic abilities by studying my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. It will show you how to start with integrity and form a solid, loving foundation to unfold those gifts.

What experiences have you had with these types of psychic and spirit tools?

Psychics are Certified as Professionals – One-year program is completed

Tina Badurina and Christine Rouch

Imagine this: Two women who are looking for a broader vision to their life’s work, and a one-year program that has never been offered before.

Well these two things came together for the entire 2011 year. Tina Badurina of Columbus Ohio and Christine Rouch of Springfield Ohio participated and completed the requirements for full certification in Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Art’s Program for Professional Psychic/Mediums. The program was implemented and facilitated by Reverend Melissa Leath, and structured around her latest book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics (Balboa Press, division of Hay House Publishing).

The Professional Psychic Certification Program premiered in April 2011 and successfully completed February 11, 2012. The preparation of the program was in the making for three years as Leath pulled over 30 years of experience into four levels of study: (1) Spiritual Awakening, covering grounding and foundational concepts, development meditation, and self-exploration; (2) Psychic Awareness, understanding earth vibrations, energy exercises, working with auras and energy fields; (3) Mental Mediumship, direct vibrational messages, public presentation and polishing, getting ready for responsibility and gallery demonstration; and, (4) Professional Psychic-Medium, understanding and incorporating your gift into service, creating your own reality, living your spiritual understanding, and preparing for professional work with the public.

The program included not only four workshops throughout the year, but also had mandatory accumulation of student study points. This was in the form of volunteer outreach in the field of metaphysics, verifyable attendance in other classes and workshops with reports, research and essays, critiques of other practitioners and experiences, practice readings, and notes on meditations. The year was full of purposeful study, so it was a specific plan of work in the spiritual and metaphysical fields.

Reverend Leath is a Life Visionary and Spiritual Educator. Her gifts in service include mediumship, spiritual counseling, licensed minister, author and lecturer. It is a life-long dream to be able to share her experiences and learned lessons in the metaphysical and spiritual areas with others. ( )

Tina Badurina comes from a corporate background with a high level of intuitive abilities and a strong desire to serve people in vibrational and emotional healing of all types. She is a second degree Reiki practitioner, has taken numerous classes and workshops on intuition and self-empowerment, and added strength to the program that kept integrity and love vibrating throughout.

Christine Rouch also comes from a business background and has been gifted with psychic abilities since childhood. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, has been sharing her psychic abilities and teaching the public for some time. She brought an excitement and wonder to the program that allowed us to always be vibrant.

“I am so proud of Tina and Christine in their ability to stay focused and driven in their program studies this past year. They are both gifted and talented in their own rights, and have helped create a special element that allows me to move ahead and start another program for 2012. They are now certified as professional psychics, will be of benefit to the metaphysical field and to the public as they serve.” ~~Melissa Leath

2012 Professional Psychic Certification Program is now taking registration. The pre-requisite for the program is at least one year of knowledge and use of psychic or medium abilities. Level One will be Saturday, February 25, 2012. Three other level workshops will take place in May, August and November. To register for the program, or talk to Melissa about it, please call her home-office at 937-323-5346. More information can be see at

My Top 10 Wish List for Metaphysical Gifts

Well, here it is: my wish list. I know, most people make a top 10 list to sell you on something to give to others. But this one is like a list for Santa. It is what I would like for ME! Is that selfish? After all, the saying goes “It’s better to give than to receive.” But I can’t help thinking how nice it is to receive. I mean, it really does rank pretty high in my book! So for the sake of being silly today, please indulge me.

This Top 10 Wish List for Metaphysical Gifts is something I’ve spend a few minutes on. I think you’ll actually find something for yourself here, too. So I have put links with the descriptions so you can get a better look at the item.

1. The Art of Change   In his uniquely simple and practical approach, Dr. Joe Dispenza answers some of the most commonly asked questions, in this inspiring and educational Q&A audio series.

In Volume 1: The Art of Change, Dispenza answers questions such as:

• What is happiness? • Why is it so hard to change? • How do we get rid of past painful memories? • How do I override negative thoughts with positive ones? • What do I need to do to lose weight and start exercising? • How do I deal with stress and anger in everyday life while trying to change? …and more  $24.95

2. The Complete Vision Board Kit   A vision board is a powerful tool that anyone can use to shape an ideal future through the power of intention and visualization. Learning how to vividly imagine your desired results—attracting your perfect soulmate, radiant health, abundant career opportunities, or building personal and community relationships to give back—is the first step on the path to making it happen! Package Includes: 128 page Book, 45 minute DVD, blank paper, and inspirational words & images, free 14-day trial of John Assaraf’s Virtual Vision Board online. $25.00

3. Eat Pray Love – A Woman’s Search for Everything        An intensely articulate, sensible, moving and funny memoir of self-discovery, Eat, Pray, Love is about what can happen when you claim responsibility for your own  contentment It is also about the adventures that can transpire when a woman stops trying to live in imitation of society’s ideals This is a story certain to touch anyone who has ever woken up to the unrelenting need for change. $11.25

4. Ram Dass Audio Collection.  Now, in a unique audio publishing event, the great moments—and great truths—of this important spiritual elder’s long career are preserved together for the first time on Ram Dass: The Collector’s Edition. Join the best-selling author of such spiritual classics as Be Here Now and How Can I Help? for three life-changing sessions including:

• Conscious Aging—Ram Dass calls for us to move beyond our youth-fixated culture, to see that the final years of life are the culmination of our spiritual journey.

• The Path of Service—In our era of individualism, Ram Dass teaches, the path to internal freedom still begins with external action, in the service of others.

• Cultivating the Heart of Compassion—Ram Dass shows how to experience your life as a remarkable spiritual curriculum, through trust in your own loving heart.  $39.95

5. Eckhart Tolles Findhorn DVD-Book Set   Eckhart Tolle, renowned for the simple and powerful truths in his books and talks, led an extraordinary two-day retreat at Findhorn, the famous spiritual community in Scotland. The entire event was filmed and edited into a wonderful four-hour video experience.

Quietly and humorously, Eckhart gives us a profound message of hope and simple tools for transformation – the clear guidance we need to deeply realize the magic of every moment and deepen our awareness of the sacredness of being. His words have the power to profoundly affect our lives and reveal something new each time we listen.

6. The Tao of Poop— Keeping Your Sanity (And Your Soul) While Raising a Baby
by Vivian Elisabeth Glyck   Based on the author’s own experience as a mother “late in life,” and drawing on the sentiments of many mothers she’s spoken to and corresponded with, each chapter explores a common parenting predicament and a lesson that can be drawn from it. (I know, I don’t have any babies any more, but thought it might relate to other poop in my life!)

7. Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics by Melissa Leath  As a fresh and incisive book, Psychic Integrity probes the esoteric world of communicating with spirit beings and psychic phenomena. Mystifying concepts are explained in straightforward ways so the general public, as well as clients and novice psychics, can understand and become familiar with them. A major portion of the book takes you through the development process of becoming a reliable and honest psychic or medium.

Do mediums really speak to the dead? Are psychics really able to divine the future, or do they use a parlor trick called “cold reading”? Find out now. $13.95 (sorry, I just had to list my own book here!)

8. In My Own Words: An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy by His Holiness The dalai Lama. This fascinating book brings together extracts from some of His Holiness’s most powerful writings and talks. As he explains the elements of the Buddha’s teachings and the basic practices of meditation, he also engages and reconciles the innovations of modern science with Buddhist perspectives. Ultimately, His Holiness calls for the celebration of diversity and the recognition of interdependence that breeds a sense of Universal Responsibility—which must govern all of our relationships in this increasingly fragmented world.

Serving as the perfect introduction to the Dalai Lama’s philosophy, both Buddhist and secular, In My Own Words is just the book for gleaning insights into the mind of one of the world’s greatest spiritual icons. $8.23

9. Into the Mythic – Stories from the Edge of Myth, by Steve and Whitney.  The award-winning film MYTHIC JOURNEYS features the voices of legendary actors TIM CURRY, MARK HAMILL & LANCE HENRIKSEN as well as original stop motion puppets by the amazing BRIAN & WENDY FROUD. The film also includes interviews with people such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Sobonfu Some, Robert Walter and many others.

Filmmakers Steven & Whitney Boe were inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell. One of their favorite reviews came from Robert Walter, President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and long time friend and editor of the famed mythologist. He simply said, “Joe would have loved this movie!” You can’t ask for much more than that.

10. Emotional Freedom, Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, by Dr. Judith Orloff.  Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better. As Dr. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any situation. Complete emotional freedom is within your grasp.


Well, there you have it! Some are just for fun, and some are instructional. But they all are important for metaphysical and spiritual growth these days.

What other books or dvds would you like to have given to you?

Psychic Abilities Using Psychometry

When I am teaching a class on psychic development, I like to introduce the technique known as “psychometry” to the participants to use and they will always receive a response that is verifiable. Psychometry is a form of psychic divination using the sense of touch. You can receive intuitive impressions and information about an object, or anything connected to it, by touching it. The physical sense of touch then shifts into ultrasense™ which is the spiritual sense of feeling.

What it is:

“Psychometry is picking up or reading the energy of an object (such as keys or jewelry) by holding it in your hand. You can sense the vibrations emanating from it. The energy patterns of the object are downloaded into the reader’s subtle bodies. The memories contained in the object are accessed by the subconscious mind and raised to conscious awareness.

“The reader receives information about the history of the object. If someone had it in their possession for a long period of time, you can receive information about that person as well.

“Psychometry can be used to heighten the contact with someone’s vibration during a reading. Many readers use this
method as a tool along with their main area of expertise. It also can be used in connect with others at a distance. I have successfully used this method to assist contacting the spirit of a recently departed teenager, receiving critical information for locating the body.”

~~taken from Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics

Psychometry is a term described in parapsychology as a psi (or psychic) ability. The person using psychometry is able to connect with and relate details about the past condition of an object or area, or events experienced by the person who possessed the object. The user could, for example, give police precise details about a murder or other violent crime, if they were at the crime scene, or were holding the weapon used. Psychometry is a type of retro cognition.

Psychometry opens the practitioner to bursts of energy and/or memories (both negative and positive) that have left imprints on an object or place. For instance, a house where a traumatic experience happened, such as a murder or suicide, may feel distinctly chilled or negative; while a favorite childhood toy or play area may feel light or positive. A place or thing may be so charged with emotions and memories that it may even seem haunted.

As we exist in an electromagnetic programmed reality – metal objects work best. This refers to keys, jewelry, etc. However, all objects carry a frequency signature. The vibrations vary and can be recognized through psychic means. When doing psychometry, you attempt to connect your frequencies with the object in question.

How to do it:

The Basic Use of Psychometry

Here is a great exercise for you to practice to get a feel for what psychometry is. It’s best to start out by yourself in a quiet, light meditative state.

Put these items in a box or basket: rocks, crystals, treebark, fabric, tissue paper, plastic, or an assortment of other inanimate objects. Everything in the universe has a vibratory rate – animate and inanimate. That is what renders its manifested form. Denser objects have slower, heavier vibrations. Thinner, softer or more porous objects have a faster or higher vibration.

Clear your mind and take an item out of the basket. Hold it in your hand and sense what it is and where it came from. The feeling you are
looking for is not a tactile feeling, but a sense or impression.

Go with your first impressions. Become aware of the different vibrations, special feelings and impressions. They are very subtle at first. So if you think you feel something, you do. Trust it and say it out loud. This exercise can be practiced at home during your meditative times.

After you get used to using this exercise, you can feel confident to move ahead and explore other uses of psychometry. In another article I will explain a more detailed approach to the practice that will allow you to share information with someone you wish to psychically read for.

Until then, enjoy your new abilities of exploring subtle energies!