Animal Instinct vs. Human Intuition: Are They the Same?


As I grew up, I seemed to always look at nature for solid answers or confirmation to ideas I was thinking about. To understand something, it’s always easier to look at nature. God gave the animals instinct to see them through their lives. What did He give to us humans? He gave us intuition.

To show the magnitude of intuition, I’d like to present some inspired information I have put together concerning animal instinct and human intuition. Through this channeled viewpoint, our connectedness with the animal realm will be validated. We will look at the events that could have happened to create the split between animals and humans, and how this influenced their evolution and ability to communicate.

Everything that was created or manifested by the Source was brought about through energy. All substance and physicality shared the same atoms. So, we all (animals, humans and plant life) were of the same essence.

We Are All One-Primordial Knowing
From the beginning of time, since all was created, life evolved in different ways as a result of the manner in which situations were experienced. But for a very long time, all remained as one, co-habiting perfectly.

Millions of years ago all breathing, sentient beings were in the infancy of humanity. This included animals and humans. For all practical purposes, there was no difference between the two. They were aware of outside occurrences, but did not “realize” that awareness.

We could call this inchoate consciousness: The basic movement towards humanity was in its beginning stages, at a very rudimentary starting point. For many generations, humans and animals lived on instinct and shared their spot together on earth.

That cohabitation was normal and created a base of paradigm thinking. This idea is based largely around oral folklore. Many consider folklore, or oral stories that have been passed down through the generations as being anecdotal. Hence, the stories are not considered as viable sources of information.

However, when stories are shared at length, and then published in a paper or review of some kind, they are then considered as case histories. This offers much more credence to traditional customs and beliefs. According to Webster’s dictionary, folklore provides the science that investigates the life and spirit of “a peoples”.

We also know that many indigenous people never recorded their history in the form of written words or scripts. But they kept their historic information, traditions and lineage contained in the oral teachings of one person usually called the records keeper.

This being said, we will consider the folklore shared here as being a reliable source with which to evaluate. The myths of that magical time when animals and humans shared cohabitation, tell that there were no boundaries. Animals and Humans lived peacefully together and shared a common language. Being able to speak and hear through the eyes and ears of humans and animals combined, brought about a phenomenal essence of majesty and the divine.

Humans and Animals originally were one and the same. At a time when there was no judgment or comparison—that is, a time of love and acceptance—all living creatures were breathing the breath of the Creator. All was One. Humans, animals and plants all lived within the earth as one organism.

An Okanogan Legend, “Creation of the Animal People”, will show the original spiritual connection of the two kingdoms. “The earth was once a human being: Old One made her out of a woman. “You will be the mother of all people,” he said.
“Earth is alive yet, but she has been changed. The soil is her flesh, the rocks are her bones, and the wind is her breath, trees and grass are her hair. She lives spread out, and we live on her. When she moves, we have an earthquake.

“After taking the woman and changing her to earth, Old One gathered some of her flesh and rolled it into balls, as people do with mud or clay. He made the first group of these balls into the ancients, the beings of the early world.

“The ancients were people, yet also animals. In form some looked human while some walked on all fours like animals. Some could fly like birds; others could swim like fishes. All had the gift of speech, as well as greater powers and cunning than either animals or people. But deer were never among the ancients; they were always animals, even as they are today.

“Besides the ancients, real people and real animals lived on the earth at that time. Old One made the people out of the last balls of mud he took from the earth. He rolled them over and over, shaped them like Indians, and blew on them to bring them alive.”
—reported by Ella Clark in the 1950’s.

Primordial Knowing
For several million years, our archaic ancestors lived in the faint dawn of reflective consciousness. Their capacity for ‘knowing that we know’ was almost entirely undeveloped. Consequently, our earliest human ancestors functioned primarily on instinct and habit. As a result their way of life remained virtually unchanged over thousands of generations.
–Promise Ahead, by Duane Elgin.

This instinct/intuition allowed for the natural response to events and situations. Those actions (opposed to re-actions) were honored and respected.

35,000 years ago, our instinct was sharp and necessary. We relied on primordial knowing. Acting in a perfectly assimilated environment came easily. Re-action only occurred when the first knowing (or instinct) was doubted or thought out twice. Reaction then became a contrived response, not the natural one. The human began to acknowledge self as separate. As humans evolved away from animals, they lost their primordial knowing. It diminished eventually to a state of mystery only a special few could tap into.

We, as humans have chosen not to rely on instinct in this day and time. Intuition is a luxury that only some people feel the need to develop or even admit to. It somehow has taken on a frivolous and rather illusive connotation. Our society has required more concrete means of maneuvering in this dimension. And many long forgotten abilities have become passé. The more we limit, the more we are boxed into paradigm issues.

Shift in Evolution: Separation
In his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, Rupert Sheldrake states: “In hunter-gather cultures, human beings do not see themselves as separate from other animals but as intimately interconnected.” This is made very apparent when you look at shamans, who are specialists at communication with other worlds by way of their guardian power animals. They are able to connect with the powers of the animal world.

This creates a type of mystique between human and animal. But they are guided by the animal energy and it imbues them with certain powers and abilities. It is ideal to show the extreme connection between man and beast.

Animals, existing closer to the earth, were able to encapsulate the spirit qualities within themselves: each one holding a different concept. When humans realized this, they became jealous and developed the ego instead. This was not right or wrong—only the way things were.

This change in awareness, perceiving self as different, created a very drastic shift in human development, which ultimately separated humans from the One. The “awakening of humanity,” if you will, transformed oneness into separate identity, and recognizing reality in a different way. The new human perception started to create its own reality, or dream.

The change in perception happened, by all accounts, around 35,000 years ago. Archeologists have recorded developments occurring around that time in the use of stone tools, burial sites, cave art, and migration patterns. A separate identity, ego, was slowly developing, and wanting to express itself in numerous ways. Instinct seemed to take a new direction by expanding artistic and creative senses.

Suddenly, humans began to “know.” It provided a sense of self-importance. And the separation from the One became deeper. As a result, humans began to feel superior to other beings, even though the others were still connected with the One and in total spiritual awareness. Humanity began on its adventure as a toddler in its growth. Humanity was moving away from universal unity, in an attempt to define Self.

Effects of Forming Society: Denial
Society, as well as other aspects, contributed greatly to the divide of what once was total telepathic communication.
On the way to becoming totally sentient beings, humanity has lost some very important things. Perceived connection to the universe is one. While developing the idea that we could “know that we know,” we also realized that we had separated ourselves from the One. Operating as one organism became the perceived illusion. Separating from all else was the reality that humans designed into existence. By doing that, we denied the validity of everything else.

Humanity began to think of itself as supreme intelligence. I tend to think of this time in evolution as being the adolescent: old enough to have a mind of its own, but too young to know how to use that mind. If we could use the example of a child around the age of 11, then we can see just how humanity was at that stage. The body is growing too fast to allow the mind to catch up, and the child just goes on its merry way, trying to fit in and make a stand in society.

This is very close to what humans were doing in their adolescent time frame. New ways to maintain lifestyle were being invented all the time. Self, and ways to accommodate Self, were the main focus. The fact that humans lived on the earth instead of with the earth became very apparent. We started abusing the very things that sustained us. The connection we once had to our animal relatives became even more disconnected.

As a result of that disconnection, humans lost the instinct and communication abilities that once were very much a part of our lives.

But the whole time, animals played a large part in our lives. They helped us cultivate and plant crops, travel long distances and even served as food. Stories of animal and human contact abounded. Folklore, such as that of the Native American story told earlier, was passed down through the generations. In the indigenous cultures, animal totems or fetishes became important parts of their lives, as well as, the belief that animal spirits protected them from danger, or could move them into heightened states of awareness.

As far away as we tried to go from our relatives, they were never that far from us. I believe animals knew that humans needed to return to the connection, so they did what they could to stay near-by.

Search for Spirituality: Recognizing All is One
As we started to view the universe as being a living organism, with us as an integral part of the whole, we could see that human beings really are connected to animal and plant life as well as mother earth. By realizing that important point—that we are connected to All—begins the step back to the One. Separation was only the dream.


As we bring in the thought of cosmo-wholeness, we generate a special frequency that can raise the vibration of the universe. And recognition of responsibility to the world becomes paramount. Suddenly we realize that the animals are our relatives. During this time of recognition, humans had developed a refined way of awareness. I believe that it was a type of instinct, but rather a “human version of instinct.” This was the beginning of intuition, as we know it.

This logically brings us to animal totems and guides. Also involved is Psycho Navigation, which is out of body flight through spirit animals.

Psycho Navigation is a type of meditation that is most conducive to connecting with spirit realm energies such as spirit animal guides. It represents a blended understanding of spirit animal energies, and learning to navigate through them.

This time in the evolution of mankind, the animal kingdom awakens us again to the connection we already have in the spiritual oneness. The spirit animal guides give us a chance to recognize this first through an inner search for self.

We search now for that past time of love and acceptance, when no judgment or comparison divided the One.

Opening the Door to Communication

“Instincts depend on the species’ habitual behavioral fields patterning the activity of the nervous system. They are influenced by genes and also inherited by morphic resonance. Through morphic resonance newly learned patterns of behavior can spread rapidly throughout a species. The learning of these new skills can become progressively easier as time goes on, and as they become increasingly habitual.”

“In human psychology, the activities of the mind can be interpreted in terms of morphic fields interacting with the physicochemical patterns of activity in the brain. But these fields are not confined to the brain. They extend outward beyond the body into the environment. These extended mental fields underlie perception and behavior. They also enable paranormal phenomena, such as telepathy and the sense of being stared at, to be interpreted in such a way that they seem normal.”
—Rupert Sheldrake, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

Instinct, as the noun is defined as: natural and unreasoning, prompting to action. The adjective, instinctive, is pertaining to nature, or prompted by, determined by natural impulse. Syn. Natural, involuntary, spontaneous, automatic, innate: intuitive. Instinctive connotes innate impulse or spontaneous aptitude; intuitive implies direct perception or apprehension, without reasoning.

So after awhile, humans may turn away from intuition, tiring from having to always defend their feelings, dreams and inner knowledge.

Humans have moved into the teenage years, recognizing that they had become more informed, but not always sure when that knowledge could be used. Becoming familiar with intuition as a viable form of information takes awhile to come to terms with, and use spontaneously.

Path to Completion
On our way to full completion: that of returning to our source of Oneness, we find ourselves always in contact with our animal friends. The bonding with animals formed very early on our childhood. Besides most of us having pets at sometime in our lives, we have been given teddy bears or stuffed animals as children. And who has not been told a childhood story about animals?

A normal aspect of human nature had been responding to life by forming relationships. And animals have been one of the most solid relationships we, as humans, have had. Isn’t it interesting that our pets always retain a close connection with us, and are exceedingly affectionate, no matter what the circumstances are? I feel this is yet another aspect showing that animals are instinctively keeping close to protect their relatives. (Quite the huge primordial knowing, I would say.)

The more we admit to intuition, and cultivate its tendencies, the closer we will come to the total intellect of the universe. We will realize the connection to All That Is, and by recognizing the Animal Kingdom. The combined energy can cultivate a serious surge in thought evolution. This brings Humanity into the young adult stage of evolution.

It appears that through our search of Self, we steered ourselves away from the very important part of ourselves—the animal kingdom. But as we continue on our search, we have found ourselves full circle back into the possibility of connecting again with our long lost cousins, and our original instinctive tendencies.

Copyright 2009-2015 Melissa Leath. All rights reserved.


About Melissa Leath: Melissa has been using her instinct/intuition all her life. And has taught others how to use it for at least 35 years. To find out how you can learn from her go to her website. She teaches many online classes and workshops, as well as mentors one-on-one.

9 Fool Proof Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides, Part 1.

alone graphic
Your spirit guides are around you. Whether you know it or not. You might not have ever realized that you had guides. But they are there, just the same. And they are always ready for connecting with you. They are there to guide and support you in any endeavor you have.

But many people mistakenly think that it is too difficult to communicate with or hear from their guides. Here are a few tips that make it possible for you to open yourself enough to have a real, meaningful relationship with your own guiding forces.

1. Is it Spirit or your Chatty Ego-Mind? It’s time to really listen to your thoughts during the day. Are they random? Do they sound like loving support or disjointed gossip? Are your thoughts like a rerun of a rerun of a soap opera? Does your mind jump from one haphazard thought to another without you even realizing it? This is the Ego-Mind. Ego is important in our lives, but when you allow it to rule your thoughts, you lose out on some really important things: like making your own decisions in a responsible way, and being open to your guides in spirit. Ego-Mind can be unruly. Time to tame that beast and be in control of your mind, and the thoughts you choose to think.

2. Tame the beast? How? Spend the whole day tracking your thoughts. Take notes every time you have a new thought – good or bad. You will soon realize that many of your thoughts are not very high-minded. But you follow repeats of what you thought yesterday. You “catch” many thought patterns that are really just floating by you. Or your mind could be “following” the thoughts of those you hang out with.

Okay. I know you think I have gotten off the subject here, but bear with me for a minute. I am leading to something very important.

3. Sit quietly for a few minutes everyday. The connection you have with your guides is a very subtle one. So you have to clear out all the drama stuff to make a sweet space for spirit to reside. Ten minutes a day should be sufficient enough to open that channel.

4. Schedule that sweet space for the same time everyday. That helps your mind and body prepare, or get used to, being available for the connection. Spirit does not need the appointment, but you do!

5. Make a regular thing Everyday, sit at the same time. Regularity is important. It will become a habit, or regular ritual that you will cherish. Consistency is the key. You will always be ready and open at the same time every day!
6. State your intentions. As you sit quietly, talk to your guides as if you already know them. (This is usually like a conversation in your mind with yourself.) Say something like: “I am now quiet and open to receive information and connections with you, my guides.” Take the lead. Letting them know you are ready is important.

7. Take a big breath. Breathing is a key to this thing. By breathing, you release a certain amount of control. You relax. And by relaxing, you don’t expect anything, but allow something to happen.

8. Just sit quietly. Now is when you listen with your heart, not your ears. You receive with your heart, not your mind. This is not a physical thing going on. It is a spiritual thing.

9. Your guides are always there giving information and teachings. But if you are not tuned into the Spirit Connection, you will miss it. Now you are open and ready for any small thing to happen: the feeling of a feather on your nose; a color flashing in your inner vision; a song come into your mind; or a sweet fragrance breezing by. They will not be big, loud things from Spirit. They will be subtle.

Now you can work with this exercise for a few weeks. Record all the things you think you felt, saw or heard. Any small thing is just as important as a large thing.

Soon, I will share the Part 2 to this exercise. Now is the time for you to practice!

For The Rest of the Story (Part 2 of this series), Click Here

What to Do If You’re Going to a Seance

seanceThe whole idea of a séance can be a scary one if you haven’t had any experience with them. I was lucky enough to sit in many séances in the 1980s an 90s in the little Spiritualist church I belonged to. Visiting mediums came at different times during the year to offer sermons, private readings, and what we all waited for: séances.

Being connected with a Spiritualist church bypassed the worries of being bombarded with evil spirits and haunted by ghouls and unwelcome creatures from hell! We knew this was a spiritual endeavor and always surrounded with Light and Love, protected by our individual Spirit Guides and Angels.

But for you, who may not have been so fortunate, and perhaps have heard of disturbing tales of fear and possession, let me give you a few tips for attending a séance — just in case you ever get the chance to attend one.

How do you prepare for attending a séance? Or do you even have to do anything? Of course you do. Here are a few tips for you to think about before you plan on going to a séance:

  • Investigate the medium and sponsor involved.
    Make sure you know the medium that will be giving the séance. Are they reputable? do they have a spiritual character? I am not emphasizing religion here, rather, spirituality. The medium should have a good standing with metaphysical people in the area, and be known for producing empowering sessions. If you cannot find anyone who knows the medium, or can speak well of them, then pass this one by. The same thing goes for the person involved in sponsoring the medium and location of the event. These things all matter in the outcome.
  • Know what type of séance is being held.
    There are so many different types of séances and ways to present them. True old fashioned séances always took place in total darkness. But there are some mediums that are able to produce phenomena in the light. I have witnessed this and it is very powerful to see! This way, you can pretty much rule out fakery (and, yes, I have seen this too). Just a few of the different types are: deep trance which can include physical mediumship with direct voice, levitation, independent writing or painting, partial or full materialization of spirit bodies or apports (objects that materialize out of thin air), etc. Sometimes these things can be accomplished through mental mediumship as well.

    Sometimes mental mediums will call a séance in a circle and just give spirit messages. I do not consider this a séance, but I would call it a Spirit Circle.

  • ghostinroom

  • Do not give away too much information.
    Keep your personal information to yourself. To prove to yourself that the séance is legitimate, make sure you do not spread the word that your grandmother just passed away two weeks ago, for instance. This type of information has been known to be used to fake a séance (or reading). There was much talk about John Edward and other mediums when they had television galleries, etc. People said that there were spies in the crowd that gathered before the shows, and would collect names and stories from the audience before hand. Whether this really happened or not I do not know. I just remember the talk about it. I have always held John Edward in high esteem. I just give him as a example. So if you do not give away any personal information, you can be sure of truth when there is spirit evidence presented.
  • Raise your vibrations.
    Before you go, spend some time grounding yourself and thinking loving thoughts. Keep a positive attitude. Ask that you be protected with Light and Love and that you only receive positive and uplifting energy and information.
  • Bring your spirit loved ones with you.
    Ask the loved ones that have passed away or your spirit guides to be there and leave messages. You will get much better results if you take your spirit entourage with you. That helps the medium to connect easier.
  • Don’t cause a disturbance, be respectful.
    When entering into a séance, the medium and the spirits work off of energy. so it is important for you to be positive, and greet the spirits when they present themselves. When a spirit might greet you by saying hello, return the greeting! That is only respectful! And you get a better connection that way. No matter what is going on, even if you feel it might be a faked séance, please remain calm and respectful. There is no reason to lay blame or bring about a heavy or negative vibration.
  • Well, that should be a few great tips for you! If you decide to go to a séance or a Spirit Circle, I hope you remember these ideas.

    For more information about séances, spirits and medium communication, please refer to my book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics

    Grief, and Spirit Evidence of Our Daughter’s Passing

    Beaunet Genniere

    Beaunet Genniere Leath

     February 14, 1974~~February 17, 2010

    Our beautiful daughter, Beaunet, 36, passed from this earth just last month. She was diligent in eating a vegetarian style, only organic foods that were good for her. She spent time every day either doing Pilates exercises or walking. She loved life and acted like it. She did the things one is supposed to do to live a good, healthy life.

    But around 10:30, on the morning of February 17, I got a call from the University Hospital in Tampa. “I’m calling for Melissa or Charles Leath.”

    “Melissa, speaking.”

     “We’re calling about a patient who came into emergency this morning in distress…” [what does that mean? …distress?] I was puzzled.


    “She was brought in by the parametics.”

    “What’s going on?”

    “She died.”

    Needless to say, this was not the most diplomatic way of delivering the news that your child has died, unexpectedly. Being 1000 miles away didn’t make it any better.

    “NO! That’s not right. You’re wrong. That can’t be…” I was hysterical. Literally, hysterical. “She isn’t sick, she just was at a routine doctor’s appointment last week…there’s nothing wrong with her…I just talked to her last night!”

    The nurse confirmed next of kin information she had in her hands. She confirmed Beaunet’s birthday (just three days earlier). It was her information. But it couldn’t be.

    The story continues to unfold: Beaunet called 911 when she had problems breathing. It was around 7:00am when they got her to the hospital. She had unlocked the apartment door for them. But after they got her to the emergency room, she passed away. They worked on her for another hour. But could not revive her.

    We didn’t know anything ahead of time. She didn’t call us when she felt bad. She did what she was supposed to do. She called 911. When they have you on the phone, they try to keep you on the phone to relay information to the paramedics as they are preparing on their trip to the emergency.

    So she couldn’t call us. I feel badly that she didn’t have us there with her. Even if she called us, 1000 miles really keeps you apart from each other. There was no way we could do anything.

     But, still…I didn’t know anything. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t come to visit me in spirit. After all, I am a medium. I didn’t understand that at the time.

    I was able to call my husband, Charles. He was out doing errands. “I need you to come home right now,” I said between sobs. “Just come home right now.” I had enough sense to know not to tell him on the phone.

    As he came up the walk, I opened the door and let it out. “Beaunet’s dead!”

    The next few hours are a blur. We walked around in circles, crying, sobbing, calling Beaunet’s name…not knowing what to do. I had to go to her. We had to go. We had to call people. We had to…?

    As I cried out, “Beaunet…” I heard my dad, who passed away in 1980 say to me, “She’s here, I’ve got her.”

    It was a double edged sword. Hearing my dad confirm it, made it too real. I felt worse. Horrified. But it also made me realize she was indeed alright in the spirit. And that loved ones were taking care of her. It was all so fast, so soon, so final. It hurt like a raw sore in the core of my stomach.

    No one ever told me about the physical pain. Emotional pain is one thing. But it physically hurt. Just like she had been ripped from my stomach.

    As Charles and I were holding each other, I cried out again…”Beaunet, no, I don’t want you to go.”

    Immediately I heard her say, “But now I can sing with Michael Jackson!” Beaunet, like so many others her age, was a fan of Michael Jackson all her life. She dreamed of him, bought everything he ever recorded. But she was also pursuing a singing career. And to sing with Jackson would be the best thing ever!

    These two statements from the spirit world, were evidence that she was in good company. She was totally aware and fully in spirit. They were good signs. If I had not been a medium, knowing about life after death, I might have not heard this information. It was comforting then as it is now.

    But still…I wondered why I had not seen her after the death of the body. It puzzled me.

    We flew down to Tampa immediately, arriving late in the evening. The next day were interviews with local officials, medical examiners (death was from a blood clot in the lungs), funeral director. Finally, on the second day, we were allowed to see her body.

    This is something I insisted on. Maybe there was a huge mistake. Maybe she was still alive. Maybe this was really someone else. But most of all, if it was no mistake, I had to see my baby one last time.

    As we walked into the parlor of the funeral home, there she was, on the table, covered with a lovely patchwork quilt. It was definitely Beaunet. No mistaking. Her color was still good. Her hair soft and sweet (she had just washed it the night before).

    Her eyes and mouth were closed, of course. We saw such a relaxed and serene look on her face. We hugged her, we talked to her, we kissed her. All of a sudden, Charles said, “Look at her lips.”

    Her lower lip had separated and her teeth were showing…It looked like a smile…like she had managed to physically move her mouth to show us she was fine. This is called physical phenomena. Then I looked up at a picture above her head. It was a huge field of iris flowers. I cried.

    My main spirit guide is Iris. She always presents physical evidence for me when I need confirmation. Yes, my baby was fine. She was alright. I could finally let go.

    And at that moment, I felt like Beaunet let go too. She let go of the body. She had been hovering around the body until we could get there. All could process now.

    That is why I could not see her around me at the time of her death. She was attached to the body just enough, waiting for us to come to her. I could hear her thoughts and messages, but she was not ready to appear.

    How wonderful Spirit is to help us through our grief, by bringing such confirming and consoling evidence. It would be so impossible to deal with if there were no way to understand the transition. But in Creator’s loving way, we have resolve.

    The shock and pain is still there. If I did not know the things I do about life and passings, I think it would be unbearable. But now, we are able to work through our grief of losing the physical connection of our daughter. And look forward to the growing connection with her spirit in our lives.

    “…For nothing loved is ever lost, and she was loved so much…”

    Spirit Messages

    Spirit Circle of Love

    Last night I was at the All Message Service at the small spiritualist church in our town, TheCircleOfLightAnd .  Charles and I were the founding board members of the church many years ago, and we support it whenever we are in town.

    The All Message Service is a gathering of people who are interested in receiving messages from spirit loved ones, guides and guardian angels. In this particular service, everyone sits in a circle. Several mediums from the church take turns giving spirit messages to the attendees.

    If you have ever seen mediums like John Edward and Sylvia Browne give gallery messages, then you have a good idea of what I am describing. The Gallery Messages seen on television are very similar to the way spiritualist churches give message demonstrations during their regular church service.

    This particular event, The All Message Service, is once a month and does not include the orthodox Sunday-style service. There is a song sung to raise the vibrations and a prayer for protection and invocation. Then the message sharing begins.

    The group has gotten so big over the years, we have had to make two circles. Luckily, the church has plenty of mediums to serve the group. I remember one particular message I gave to one of the attendees. Without giving her name, or any personal information (which would be very unethical), I can share a piece of the message.  It is very interesting how mediums and psychics receive information, and this is a great example.

    As I asked the woman’s name (an excellent way to connect with her vibrations~~just by saying her name, she opens her aura to allow connection), I saw my favorite Aunt Elizabeth, who has been in spirit for many years. I told the woman I was reading for there was a very sweet lady in the spirit, who was very close to her by the name of Elizabeth. Then I told her how the name came to me. I always like to share the source, if appropriate.

    Immediately she perked up and said that Elizabeth was her daughter who passed away about two years ago. She was very pleased to be contacted by her. After giving more information to her, I closed the message. And privately I thanked Aunt Elizabeth for her assistance.

    It always amazes me the way our spirit loved ones and spirit guides bring information to us. Quite often, you might think it is only your imagination and not a real spirit connection. But just remember you are working with “subtle energy”. You will get your information in a subtle way. Rarely does it come in a booming voice, or wild spectacular visions.

    It is presented in the most normal way you could recognize it. Once you start working with vibrations and spirit energies, they present themselves to the spirit body, rather than the physical body. So you have to be aware of different levels of recognition.

    That is why I enjoy teaching Spiritual Awakening Classes.  No matter what level of ability the class members are, they have many tools to practice with and understand how their guides and higher self communicates with them.

    (added 7/7/2012)My new book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics is now available.  The website is  Psychic Integrity . You can read a excerpt there from the book, or order it. It is another excellent tool for psychic and medium unfoldment and integrity.

    Blessings and Peace!