Does A Metaphysical Workshop Certification Really Prepare You?

Many people these days are very interested in being of assistance and working in healing fields. This could include Psychic or Medium Readers, Astrologists, Tarot Readers, Energy Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Spiritual Counselors, Ministers…the list goes on and on. It seems that with the shifting energies of the Universe, many are becoming aware, enlightened and knowing they are to be of service.

But let’s stop and think about this for a minute. Of course, being of service is a noble and important aspiration. But in doing so, you have to be aware of your limitation as far as assistance goes. You must be prepared. You must have experience.

You must be in the field, training under supervision for a certain period of time before you have the confidence to carry on by yourself.

I remember when I was ordained in the ministry of a spiritual church. I felt very inadequate…and I had been in training for well over 10 years, with on going classes in spirituality, meditation practices, metaphysics, work within the church, internship, countless hours of reading countless numbers of books. And all of a sudden, I had license to be a minister. To minister to people with problems, situations, challenges.

“Oh my God,” I said, literally. “Oh my God, am I really ready for this?” In one moment, while being ordained, I was finally aware of the responsibility involved with this opportunity! “What if someone comes to me for help with a really BIG PROBLEM?”

I had been working with people for years, assisting in spiritual counseling and mediumship. But I was awestruck. What if I told someone the wrong information? What if….what if…..what if…. I felt like I had been pushed out without any training.

But after I continued my work, serving my clients and following my ministry (my heart led passion), I realized I had been given plenty of training and experience over the years. If I ran into a problem I couldn’t work with properly, I had a battery of associates and colleagues to rely on. I realized I didn’t have to do it all. I didn’t have to do it by myself.

This sort of vocational trauma came after I had been sufficiently prepared. What happens when you have only attended one workshop, given a certification and turned out to do the work?

I’ll tell you what happens: You may feel so unprepared that you fall away from your chosen vocation and wander around not really knowing what to do, never really fulfilling your heart’s desire, your chosen path.

You may end up making severe mistakes. You may present yourself as capable of performing a service to your clients. But they don’t know you are without proper experience. Sooner or later, the faith and trust your clientele give you is lost.

Be sure to continue in your chosen field after your first certification. But go slowly. Take your time. Work with a mentor or someone you respect in the same field. You know they say, ‘Wine is not done before it’s time!” Wine actually has to ‘work’ for a period of time before it is ready to drink. Otherwise, you get a very bitter taste!
Be the glass of fine wine. Be the best you can be in whatever you choose to do!

Copyright 2017, Melissa Leath
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5 Ways to Know You Are on Your Spiritual Path

Are You Showing Positive Symptoms on Your Journey? How many of these things can you see in your life:
1. Heightened Awareness
Your intuition opens and deepens. You are more attuned to your Inner/Higher-Self thoughts. You trust your intuition. You use heart-based decision making and processing.

2. Releasing Ego
You start to notice healing of past emotional wounds. You complete or resolve your past experiences. This takes you off the wheel of karma. You are unattached to the outcome or results of daily situations.

3. Slower Pace of Life
You are more internally focused and inspired instead of externally driven. You can move away from being an isolated individual and competitiveness, and involve yourself in unity and collaboration with others.

4. Living in the Now
You are more Present in what is happening at the moment. You live fully from the Heart governed by Heart Wisdom. You can manifest immediately what is most desired (even small stuff). You align with highest and best good and is in the interest of highest and best good of all.

5. Prosperity, Abundance and Flow
Abundance in all aspects of your life is effortlessly available if you can remain in the Now Moment and keep your vibration pure. You may notice this is small, simple ways at first.


Melissa Leath
Author of Does Your Child See Sparkles? and Psychic Integrity. You can find other ways that Melissa can help you on your path at

Awakening and Renewal ~ 2015

2015RenewAThe Season that comes between two different years has to be the most interesting I know of. It means so many things to me, especially since I met my husband during the Eve of 1972 New Year. It is the time that Mother Nature rests in preparation for A Time of Renewal. She allows certain living things to complete their cycle of life, to nourish others in their journey. This is an essential aspect of Growth.

All things in this World have a beginning and ending. But the endings are never final. They are merely a way to cycle around to the next starting point.

So now, this gives you a place to set your starting point. That can be in any form you like. Many people create an affirmation of things they wish to achieve in the new year, such as career, wealth, health, happiness. Some come up with resolutions to do better, such as eating habits, relationships, or resolving addictive behavior.

And there are many ways to do this. Different cultures prepare certain foods as a way of marking this shift. And those foods are traditional in many families. Spiritual customs include clearing of old beliefs, such as The Burning Bowl. They write down things on paper that they wish to release, and ceremonially place them in a special bowl to burn.

However you decide to celebrate the New Year, and re-affirm your life, be sure to take some time for reflection. Go over your past year. Look at the accomplishments you have made. Celebrate the joys and loves that have been in your experience. Also honor the losses and failures, for they are the things that make you strong and wise.

Be sure to witness the way Mother Nature is expressing herself in your world. You will waken something within when you pay attention to nature. It helps you move through your life.

For this New Year, I wish you and your family happiness, love on many levels, and the ability to feel, as Mother Nature shares her emotions with you.

Happy New Year!

Melissa Leath

Preparing for the Year’s End – Joyfully!

  • heartStylist Guru

This time of year we tend to think of others — exclusively. We are busy buying gifts to give to loved ones during the holidays; We are planning dinners and grocery lists; We visit friends and relatives that we haven’t seen in awhile; And clean the house from top to bottom.

By the time we get to the end of the year, we’ll be so worn out that planning for the new year will be the last thing in mind!

Here’s what I suggest: Focus on your self, and prepare for the future. How, you ask? By transforming your tired and worn out year-end energy into positive, uplifting energy!

So here are a few of things you can do — that do not take too long. But they will help shift your energy into a positive vibration:

  • Create a quick list of meaningful tasks you do on a regular basis that you make you feel good.
  • Add to this list all the joy-filled events that you participate in.
  • Try this short meditation:

    Sit quietly.

    Be totally aware of your thinking.

    Be very conscious of your thoughts.

    Know what it is like to initiate your own though

  • Use this short Joy Affirmation: No matter where I go, no matter what I do, it is my most sincere intent to look for all things that make me feel good.

Now! You are on your way to enjoying the last month of the year, and preparing for good things in 2015!

Blessings to All!

Melissa Leath


Second Program Completed: Two More Professional Psychic Mediums are Certified.


As the second (one-year) program for 2012 finalizes, two more women are certified as professional psychic mediums: Vivian Harris of Dayton, Ohio, and Susan Williams of Crooksville, Ohio. They have made a major decision in their lives to expand who they are and how they envision their future in the metaphysical world.

Harris and Williams have participated in and completed the requirements for full certification in Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Art’s Program for Professional Psychic/Mediums. The program was implemented and facilitated by Reverend Melissa Leath in 2011, and structured around her latest book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics (Balboa Press, division of Hay House Publishing).

The preparation of the program was in the making for three years as Leath pulled over 30 years of experience into four levels of study: (1) Spiritual Awakening, covering grounding and foundational concepts, development meditation, and self-exploration; (2) Psychic Awareness, understanding earth vibrations, energy exercises, working with auras and energy fields; (3) Mental Mediumship, direct vibrational messages, public presentation and polishing, getting ready for responsibility and gallery demonstration; and, (4) Professional Psychic-Medium, understanding and incorporating your gift into service, creating your own reality, living your spiritual understanding, and preparing for professional work with the public.

The program included not only four workshops throughout the year, but also had mandatory accumulation of student study points. This was in the form of volunteer outreach in the field of metaphysics, verifiable attendance in other classes and workshops with reports, research and essays, critiques of other practitioners and experiences, practice readings, and notes on meditations. The year was full of purposeful study, so it was a specific plan of work in the spiritual and metaphysical fields.

Reverend Leath is a Life Visionary and Spiritual Educator. Her gifts in service include mediumship, spiritual counseling, licensed minister, author and lecturer. It is a life-long dream to be able to share her experiences and learned lessons in the metaphysical and spiritual areas with others. ( )

Vivian Harris comes from a holistic health background with a specialty in Reiki healing and desire to assist people with their emotional and holistic needs. She has participated in many intuitive development classes and other holistic workshops, and is continuing unfoldment of her psychic and medium gifts. She is also a Divine Grace Healing facilitator.

Susan Williams has worked with spirit energy and those who have passed over for her entire life, and has recently decided to pursue this area of expertise more diligently. She has participated in many workshops and classes in the metaphysical and holistic areas. Her interest is around grief counseling and verification of life after death. She is following her interest in volunteer hospice serve, after being involved as an emergency medical specialist providing care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. Williams also works closely with psychic energies of animals and pets.

“Vivian and Susan are ready to add their glowing energies and to be of service to those in need of their assistance. I am so proud of them, and their dedication. It has been my pleasure to have facilitated their expansion of abilities.” ~~Melissa Leath


2013 Professional Psychic Certification Program is now taking registration. The pre-requisite for the program is at least one year of knowledge and use of psychic or medium abilities. Level One will be Saturday, February 23, 2013. Three other level workshops will take place in May, August and November. To register for the program, or talk to Melissa about it, please call her home-office at 937-323-5346. More information can be see at

Is There Really Life After Death?

Moving from one dimension to another…

There has been so much talk about life after death lately. I caught just a short blurb on CNN news this morning about a doctor  who shared his experiences in a near death experience. He said he had always been Christian in name only, but this experience helped him relate to a more spiritual understanding. (Many people these days are opening up to a broader understanding of life and death that is not limited to religion.) He witnessed a revelation of warmth and love that he felt could only be the Divine.

The way I recognize the process of life after death at this time, as my spirit guides have given me, is that the White Light that one sees during a near death experience is similar to what everyone has when they are in the process of passing, which the physical body and brain understand. At this point, there may be a turn around response, and the spirit does not detach from the body. The person returns to the living.

But when the body truly “gives up the ghost,” the spirit completely detaches from the body, and makes the full transition called death, then a full life review and clearing takes place. This completes the passing process.

I thought it would be great to share a passage of my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. It is posted in the book’s blog called “Psychics, Mystics and Integrity”.

Click here for the link to that post. I know you can relate to it. Please share any of your comments,  or stories of near death experience.

Blessings until next time..M Psychic Integrity


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BOOK REVIEW: Grace, Guidance, and Gifts. Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way, by Sonia Choquette

As I am writing this review, I am also listening to the CD that accompanies this book: such a wonderful tool! I am taken to a place of calm and relaxation. It follows the three sacred blessings of Spirit that Choquette mentions in her book:  Grace, Guidance, and Gifts. The CD is about 17 minutes long, and is perfect to play as going to sleep at night.

Even though I have never read any of Sonia Choquette’s books, I have studied some of her articles and exercises found on the internet and her website (  And I have found her information on psychic abilities and intuition to be very powerful and enlightening. So it is not a surprise to me that this book would be such a great asset to spiritual study.

Many of us today are self-taught Light workers. That is to say, there are many people who have not studied with a group of people under the tutelage of a spiritual teacher. And since there are so many books and resources such as this one, it is easy to have your own home study. I have encouraged many of my own psychic development students to have sacred time for themselves every day. This helps to raise the personal frequency of the energy field (aura). In doing so, it is easier to access your personal spirit teachers, guides, and angels. But more important, it helps you to access your own Higher Self.

Choquette’s Grace, Guidance, and Gifts is a superb way to create or supplement sacred time and spiritual self-study. By using the book every day, you continue to contact Source through the Higher Self to receive Blessings in your life. She has the book divided into three sections: Grace, Guidance, and Gifts. With each section, there are prayers, a morning blessing, mantra for the day, and a personal message to speak out loud. Each section has about three weeks’ worth of daily study, and you can open the book at random to access each day. Or follow through from one day to the next taking in the book, step by step. The book is not meant to be read straight through, but to be savored as you progress through your studies.

If you are considering starting your own sacred time and studies, wanting to have some spiritual discipline to your life, you would very much benefit from this book. However, her understanding here includes much of the Christian belief. So know ahead of time, if you are opposed to that particular teaching.

You can order Choquette’s book here:

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hay House Publishing for review purposes. My opinion of this book here is unbiased, reflecting my honest judgment of the product.

My Top 10 Wish List for Metaphysical Gifts

Well, here it is: my wish list. I know, most people make a top 10 list to sell you on something to give to others. But this one is like a list for Santa. It is what I would like for ME! Is that selfish? After all, the saying goes “It’s better to give than to receive.” But I can’t help thinking how nice it is to receive. I mean, it really does rank pretty high in my book! So for the sake of being silly today, please indulge me.

This Top 10 Wish List for Metaphysical Gifts is something I’ve spend a few minutes on. I think you’ll actually find something for yourself here, too. So I have put links with the descriptions so you can get a better look at the item.

1. The Art of Change   In his uniquely simple and practical approach, Dr. Joe Dispenza answers some of the most commonly asked questions, in this inspiring and educational Q&A audio series.

In Volume 1: The Art of Change, Dispenza answers questions such as:

• What is happiness? • Why is it so hard to change? • How do we get rid of past painful memories? • How do I override negative thoughts with positive ones? • What do I need to do to lose weight and start exercising? • How do I deal with stress and anger in everyday life while trying to change? …and more  $24.95

2. The Complete Vision Board Kit   A vision board is a powerful tool that anyone can use to shape an ideal future through the power of intention and visualization. Learning how to vividly imagine your desired results—attracting your perfect soulmate, radiant health, abundant career opportunities, or building personal and community relationships to give back—is the first step on the path to making it happen! Package Includes: 128 page Book, 45 minute DVD, blank paper, and inspirational words & images, free 14-day trial of John Assaraf’s Virtual Vision Board online. $25.00

3. Eat Pray Love – A Woman’s Search for Everything        An intensely articulate, sensible, moving and funny memoir of self-discovery, Eat, Pray, Love is about what can happen when you claim responsibility for your own  contentment It is also about the adventures that can transpire when a woman stops trying to live in imitation of society’s ideals This is a story certain to touch anyone who has ever woken up to the unrelenting need for change. $11.25

4. Ram Dass Audio Collection.  Now, in a unique audio publishing event, the great moments—and great truths—of this important spiritual elder’s long career are preserved together for the first time on Ram Dass: The Collector’s Edition. Join the best-selling author of such spiritual classics as Be Here Now and How Can I Help? for three life-changing sessions including:

• Conscious Aging—Ram Dass calls for us to move beyond our youth-fixated culture, to see that the final years of life are the culmination of our spiritual journey.

• The Path of Service—In our era of individualism, Ram Dass teaches, the path to internal freedom still begins with external action, in the service of others.

• Cultivating the Heart of Compassion—Ram Dass shows how to experience your life as a remarkable spiritual curriculum, through trust in your own loving heart.  $39.95

5. Eckhart Tolles Findhorn DVD-Book Set   Eckhart Tolle, renowned for the simple and powerful truths in his books and talks, led an extraordinary two-day retreat at Findhorn, the famous spiritual community in Scotland. The entire event was filmed and edited into a wonderful four-hour video experience.

Quietly and humorously, Eckhart gives us a profound message of hope and simple tools for transformation – the clear guidance we need to deeply realize the magic of every moment and deepen our awareness of the sacredness of being. His words have the power to profoundly affect our lives and reveal something new each time we listen.

6. The Tao of Poop— Keeping Your Sanity (And Your Soul) While Raising a Baby
by Vivian Elisabeth Glyck   Based on the author’s own experience as a mother “late in life,” and drawing on the sentiments of many mothers she’s spoken to and corresponded with, each chapter explores a common parenting predicament and a lesson that can be drawn from it. (I know, I don’t have any babies any more, but thought it might relate to other poop in my life!)

7. Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics by Melissa Leath  As a fresh and incisive book, Psychic Integrity probes the esoteric world of communicating with spirit beings and psychic phenomena. Mystifying concepts are explained in straightforward ways so the general public, as well as clients and novice psychics, can understand and become familiar with them. A major portion of the book takes you through the development process of becoming a reliable and honest psychic or medium.

Do mediums really speak to the dead? Are psychics really able to divine the future, or do they use a parlor trick called “cold reading”? Find out now. $13.95 (sorry, I just had to list my own book here!)

8. In My Own Words: An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy by His Holiness The dalai Lama. This fascinating book brings together extracts from some of His Holiness’s most powerful writings and talks. As he explains the elements of the Buddha’s teachings and the basic practices of meditation, he also engages and reconciles the innovations of modern science with Buddhist perspectives. Ultimately, His Holiness calls for the celebration of diversity and the recognition of interdependence that breeds a sense of Universal Responsibility—which must govern all of our relationships in this increasingly fragmented world.

Serving as the perfect introduction to the Dalai Lama’s philosophy, both Buddhist and secular, In My Own Words is just the book for gleaning insights into the mind of one of the world’s greatest spiritual icons. $8.23

9. Into the Mythic – Stories from the Edge of Myth, by Steve and Whitney.  The award-winning film MYTHIC JOURNEYS features the voices of legendary actors TIM CURRY, MARK HAMILL & LANCE HENRIKSEN as well as original stop motion puppets by the amazing BRIAN & WENDY FROUD. The film also includes interviews with people such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Sobonfu Some, Robert Walter and many others.

Filmmakers Steven & Whitney Boe were inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell. One of their favorite reviews came from Robert Walter, President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and long time friend and editor of the famed mythologist. He simply said, “Joe would have loved this movie!” You can’t ask for much more than that.

10. Emotional Freedom, Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, by Dr. Judith Orloff.  Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better. As Dr. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any situation. Complete emotional freedom is within your grasp.


Well, there you have it! Some are just for fun, and some are instructional. But they all are important for metaphysical and spiritual growth these days.

What other books or dvds would you like to have given to you?

Out of Body? Get Grounded

Are You Out of Body?

These days of transitions are surely interesting: Up one day and down the next; in the money one week, broke the next; total comprehension one moment, not a clue the next.

How do you cope with it?

Most of us tend to go out of body. We deal with the day-to-day stuff, sure enough. But when it comes to being present and aware, totally in charge of our lives, we just aren’t available. In fact, a large group of us–yes, even the “meta-people”, are electing to float in astral space, than to be present in the physical.

If you are not understanding my meaning, try these exercises:

  • Sit quietly for five minutes only paying attention to how your body feels. Do your shoes pinch your feet? Is your waistband too tight? Are you breathing shallowly or in the full abdomen? Are there any aches or pains? Take stock of your body parts…Check in on the liver: what is it saying? Are your lungs in good working order? Are you on good terms with your heart?
  • Now, go to the pile of bills or papers you’ve been collecting. Look at them. Act on them. Make a plan for payment. Make phone calls concerning the bills, if need be. File your papers. Organize or throw away. Take charge of that all important area of your life. This may take several hours. But it helps get you in your body.

If you have trouble staying in the task, or you let your mind wander in other directions, then you probably are living most of your life out of body.

Usually, a major event that is difficult to deal with, sorrowful or extremely painful will throw you out of body. It’s the ultimate way of disconnecting with the thing that is difficult. Over a period of time, it’s important to deal with the situation. Then you are present and physically aware again. But many of us keep finding ways of not dealing.

You may recognize someone around you that is very spacey or in “la-la land”. I’ve heard the discription “she is airy-fairy”. That person has successfully disconnected with physical reality.

Some may argue they are striving to be more spiritual and connected with the Spirit Realm. But my question is this: Why bother being in the physical body? Haven’t we agreed to experience the third dimension? Aren’t we spirit–being humans?

Then it is important to blend the three aspects of self: body, mind and spirit. We become a whole person, perceiving reality–totally perceiving reality. 

Blessings until next time…M

What Next, after Avatar?

I predict the Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland will be the next outrageous movie this year.  Not just an updated version of an old yarn, but truly a fascinating depiction of Alice all grown up and unhappy with what society expects of her. (Something everyone can relate to at least once in their lives.)

 Tim Burton, director and producer of memorable movies such as, Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish, Charlie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and  Beetle Juice,  has pushed a great intellectual story to its edge, both visually (3-D, and in realist terms) and metaphysically.

Many paranormal and psychotronic gurus have dissected the plot and symbolism of Alice in Wonderland for many years. The story speaks to us on a much deeper level.

Going down the rabbit hole, is a huge metaphor relating to retreating into the unconscious, or dream world. The descent is associated with the land of the Goddess, under the forest and streams. The farther she falls, the deeper Alice goes into the subconscious mind and slowly looses the ability to discern reality from illusion.

Needing a gold key to go through a special door, following the White Rabbit, represents a search for spiritual truth. The rest of the story is a continuation of that search: Something that is becoming more important for us to recognize, every day.  

As the movie presentations this year move into more and more 3-D technology, the spiritual and metaphysical world opens up to us. The 3-D door actually helps us shift into the realization of multi-dimensionality. We expand our perception, and look at things in a new angle.


It’s about time we opened our eyes to what is illusion and what is reality. Those who have eyes will see; those who have ears will hear.

This version of Alice in Wonderland, I predict, will be one of the highlights of this year, spiritually speaking, since the fascinating and mystical Avatar.  And many of our younger generation will “see” and “hear”.  

Due to be released on March 5, 2010, check it out. I certainly am.