Twin Flame Phenomenon (Joseph and Donavon)


Before human life begins, we all reside in a nondescript space of love. In this space, also called Soul Group, we exist and share with other spirit beings.  We have shared many lifetimes and objectives. Each Soul Group has a Specific Directive or Purpose.   

Each human lifetime and shared experience become one full experience, directed by purpose. So, each human incarnation by a spirit is assisted by the other spirits in the Soul Group to accomplish it.

When the Divine (AKA God) knows there is strife in the Living World then a Mystery is brought about to effect Change. This is called a Twin Flame Phenomenon.

The Phenomenon is not understood by many people. It is multi-dimensional in nature.

Only when a special mission on earth is needed, do two souls agree to enter life together as one. Not as physical twins, but as twin spirits blending in understanding…

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