Kids Growing Up Psychic Series

Here it is! The compilation of all the articles for “Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series~

This progressive series of information has monthly posts exclusively to help you understand and guide your psychic children. Shaheen Miro (guest blogger) and Melissa Leath.

1. 9/25/14  Experiencing the World with Your Psychic Senses by Shaheen Miro

2. 10/23/14  Learn to Open and Close Your Psychic Door by Melissa Leath

3. 11/23/14  Psychic Protection and the White Light by Shaheen Miro

4. 1/26/15 Feeling Safe and Empowered with Psychic Events by Melissa Leath

5. 2/23/15 Awakening Intuition Through Imagination by Shaheen Miro

6. 3/31/15 Active Meditation for Kids: Creating Your Own Mandala by Melissa Leath

7. 4/30/15 Befriending Spirit Guides (Imaginary Friends Aren’t Make Believe) by Shaheen Miro

8. 5/23/15 What Do Sparkles (Orbs and Spirit Lights) Look Like? by Melissa Leath

9. 6/26/15 Creating Sacred Space: Exploring Your Secret World by Shaheen Miro

10. 7/28/15 Natural Foods, Empathic Children, and Picky Psychic Kids by Melissa Leath

11. 8/24/15 Psychic Children and Dreamtime Adventures by Shaheen Miro.

12. 10.06/15 How Children See into Other Realms by Melissa Leath.

2 thoughts on “Kids Growing Up Psychic Series

  1. My 18 year old son has been hearing spirits in our house…some good, some not so good. This sounds like something that might help me, help him.

  2. I’m class today I saw what seemed to be diamond flashing sparkles flying about and I’ve always seen them I’m 14 now by the way and in my room in my old house there used to be different colours forming designs and I get really scared of them so I like to close my eyes and keep them shut , is this just my eye playing tricks on me or is it something else ? Thanks

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