Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death

Just found this great video/audio on Akosmopolite’s blog. It originates from Alan Watts writings and music by Chillstep. And ‘chill’ you will, so put this on and just relax. It’s great for meditation, or background for writing. But the information is awesome…M/


By Trina Otero

Please sit back or lay down. Grab some earphones or earbuds if you can. Enjoy a glass a wine. Or not. Just relax and listen :).



For more audio, essays, lectures, and more by Alan Watts check out these sites:

Alan Watts Official Site


Sentient Sentinel


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Try This One Minute Meditation (WEB-TV)

If you have a really busy life, like I do, you will appreciate the chance to get away from it all — even if it is only for One Minute!

Meditating is so important, not only in stress release and relaxation, but to connect with your Inner Self and Spirit Guides. Your intuition grows when you are able to quiet yourself on a regular basis.

Plan on using this quick visual audio to take you away each day to create your own meditation practice!

Be well and many blessings… Melissa Leath

Thoughts on Psychic Mediums and Readings

When you consider getting a psychic reading, be sure you keep these thoughts in mind. Just as people are all different, so are readers. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to psychic readers.


  • Some readers are upbeat, some are strong and forward in their presentation, some are humorous, others very serious. One is not better than the other. However, you may prefer a certain style. If the reader seems too aggressive for your emotional sensitivity, you are not expected to stay. Say so early in the session and make other arrangements for a different reader.


  • You have the right to end a reading if you are not comfortable. But it is advisable to do so after five to ten minutes, as soon as you realize it. To take up the time and energy of a full reading and then say you don’t think it’s a good match is not good etiquette. This would be a complete waste of your time and the reader’s energy.


    In fact, the reader may even suggest the reading is not proceeding in a good way, and suggest you reschedule, or even see another reader, depending on what is happening. I’m usually able to recognize when I am not getting a good connection, or the session just doesn’t feel right. I will either ask for another scheduled time, or offer the names of different readers that fit better with the style or substance needed for that client.


  • Sometimes the reader does not connect with the loved one you request. In fact, sometimes, if a client is so intent on speaking with only one special spirit, the connection might not happen at all. Spirit connection is not always receptive to pressure. As much as you may want it, and as much as the loved one’s spirit may want it, it may not always happen.


  • Once in a while, the client really doesn’t have any specific questions, but wants a general reading. I may suggest they go to a tarot reader or palmist I know for this type of session. If you are getting a palm reading, understand that the reader will hold your hand at least part of the time. If you have an aversion to being touched by a stranger, then palm readings may not be your cup of tea. A tarot reader will be able to give you a full reading by using a spread of cards. You may not have to ask questions during this session, but I feel it is important to do so. Then you are more likely to get the information you need.


  • Astrology readings will be different. You’ll need to provide the date, time, and location (city) of your birth. Then there usually is a section of the session requiring the reader to calculate your specific chart. (Sometimes the astrologer asks for this ahead of time.)


    As you can see, there are many types of readings and many types of readers. So be flexible in your expectations. However, the purpose of the reading is your betterment, and to provide information for you to make life decisions. This should be the reader’s main focus for your session. The reader will help you find the source of concerns or challenges, and will give you possibilities to strive for, or will suggest changes for positive life growth.


    After having a psychic reading of any type, you should feel empowered and good about the choices you are making and about the directions you are moving in your life.


    I’ll share more soon that will help you decide the right reader for you!

  • How Can I Help my Child Understand Metaphysics?

    I am so happy to share this great article with you. The blog is with Karen Kubicko, but her guest writer today is Kim Aluise. The content follows the same teachings that I share with you! Thanks to Kim and Karen…Melissa*

    Karen Kubicko

    Guest blog post by Kim Aluise, Intuitive

    Growing up Positively Growing up Positively

    Many people, once they have begun to understand the metaphysical ideal, ask this question. I think it first helps to understand the meaning of metaphysics, and being metaphysical. This can be difficult, because it is often not defined well. If you do a search right now, you will find more than one definition. To the best of my ability, I would define it as a philosophy, where one would seek to know and understand the hows and the whys of the human existence. I think at the core, it is of importance for anyone, whether metaphysically minded, or not, to understand “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

    I use this quote often and certainly with all of my clients.

    Small children are born…

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    Spirit Awareness

    What Are Your Levels of Awareness?

    Everyone has some kind of intuitive ability. Everyone is aware, on some level, of spirit; they are aware of those who passed away hovering close by; of impressions of people, places and things. Everyone has feelings about, or knows certain events before they happen.

    Becoming intuitively aware is the main reason to develop or unfold. This awareness helps with personal and spiritual growth and understanding.

    The only reason you may not be aware of things intuitively is that your life-style may have squeezed intuition out of your awareness. It is still there, but you may be so overcome by your duties in this world, you are not paying attention to the soft murmurs of your inner self.

    It is easy to get wrapped up in the physical world. Society readily stresses the physical and mental components of our lives. As a result, the spiritual aspect of life has been diminished.


    As humans, we live in three different levels: body, mind and spirit. Leaving out one section creates an imbalance. Not having enough time for one of these means your life is lacking one-third of its existence.

    Life is not just the day-to-day events. It is a complex maze of experiences and learning how to deal with them; impressions and expressions, feelings and emotions, physical interactions with people, and making sense of it all.

    When born, humans are fully connected with spirit and the inner self. Over the next two to three years, young children become deprogrammed from the spirit side of life and programmed into the third dimension. Most things known on the soul level is stripped away as they are indoctrinated into the physical dimension of earth.

    Parents and loved ones begin their mission to help the child understand what earth is all about. The child becomes more distant from their inner soul understandings. Soon the true self is just a dream or image almost lost in the transition into the physical. “…the day of death (is) better than the day of birth,” according to the book Ecclesiastes 7:1, from the Old Testament. This has been commonly expressed in the saying “weep at a birth, and have joy at a death.” This must refer to all the good, although misguided intentions thrust on a baby. Eventually, the child loses all conscious contact with the strongest energy there is. Joy at death refers to flowing back and reuniting with what was known, but lost. Why did we forget? It was the human thing to do. But now, we realize there is something to remember.

    Since we had a mask put over our eyes when we entered this world, we need to take time to reconnect with our spirit selves. That is why it is good to gather friends with like interests to sit together for unfoldment.

    (More coming soon…)
    2011 Copyright, Melissa Leath, Psychic Integrity, the Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics

    Cosmos with Tyson: Spectacular Journey

    Did you get to see the first episode of the Cosoms: A Spacetime Odyssey (Fox and National Geographic networks)? I finally watched the show since I DVR’ed it on Sunday. I will never miss another one!

    This is an awesome presentation of what the Universe is like from start to present. The animation is spectacular. And the host, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, renowned scientist, (who at the age of 17 was mentored by Carl Sagan) is very adept at bringing the information in a digestible form that even young children (our sparkles seeing kids) can relate to and understand.

    In case you did not have a chance to see it yet, here is the link to the full episode:


    10 Thoughts on Opening Your Intuition

    Here are a few useful thoughts on opening intuitively:

    1) Spirituality is a way of understanding the Divine Self. Your spiritual awareness comes through this search.

    2) Dedication is important for unfolding psychic or medium abilities. Any honorable search requires true commitment.

    3) Meditation is a major tool for unfoldment. Spend time meditating every day to remain open to the inner self.

    4) Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Spend time every day recognizing the small things at hand.

    5) Read about and research experiences of others. It keeps your mind centered on what you want.

    6) Share information received (but do not intrude) intuitively in order to gain confidence in the connection. This way a spiritual connection becomes stronger.

    7) Practice with others who honor and respect the gift. They can encourage you and help ground your energy.

    8) Become involved in a circle of like-minded people. You will support each other.

    9) Spend time working on exercises to increase your potential.

    10) Take advantage of every workshop, class, or lecture beneficial to your craft.

    If you truly want to increase your abilities, you should benefit greatly by embracing these thoughts on intuition!

    Many Blessings…Melissa