Kids Seeing Sparkles: Questions and Answers on Fear

There have been so many responses to my first two articles about “seeing sparkles” that I felt  guided to write this further information. As the conversation continues, more information is brought out. And I see other areas that should be addressed concerning this newly recognized phenomenon.

If this is your first time searching SPARKLES, then be sure to read the other posts I have made. They are listed just below here… ** Be sure to read all the comments that follow too, because the readers have other great information and experiences that just might answer one of your questions! Thanks to all that have posted comments over the past year, you have been so much help in this endeavor.


1.  My first article called Children Seeing Sparkles addresses the first email I received regarding this fascinating subject. Start your quest by reading this aticle:


2. This second article called The Truth about Seeing Spirited Sparkles is an earnest attempt to give more information and an expanded view of it. Please read it too:


As I said, if you are really looking for information regarding Sparkles, then be sure to read all of the comments with both articles, before you ask any questions.

Please realize, that I am not an expert on this subject. But I am learning very quickly about the different aspects of it, and hope that I am able to help you understand, even if in only a small way, what might be going on.


FEAR: This particular article is based on some questions that have come in dealing with fear about the sparkles: either by the children seeing them, or by their parents. Bear with me as I explain somethings that might help.


Understanding Energy

Basically, energy is simply energy. Energy is always energy. Energy can take the form of many different things: clouds, houses, people, Jello,  even  thought forms. It also can be the way those in the spirit world show themselves  (such as with Sparkles).

Here is an example of how we sometimes view energy: If someone comes into your house, and you feel strange and uneasy around them, then you usually will say, “There’s something wrong with that person,” or “I get a bad feeling around him.” It depends on how we feel about the person as to whether we think it is good or bad. This is only a judgment. It is not how the energy is. It could be that the vibration of that person is just different from yours, and that is why you feel something. But it does not mean that the person is bad.

The same thing can be said about other things in life, such as sparkles. The reason I say that is because our younger children have a difficult time relating what they see or feel to us. Their experience is still very limited to find references for this situation. So, if they have seen a scary movie, or ghost story, then they know the feeling of fear. It is a quickening, or tense feeling. Perhaps, the sparkles are connected to spirits or angels. But if there is no reference to that, then “ghost” might be what they say and believe. So, something that originally did not present itself as negative, becomes scary. Of course, this might not be the case for everyone. But I see this in many situations.



Now I want to talk about being empowered in these strange situations. In the physical world, we teach our children to be safe, and how to protect themselves. Example: Your child might be at school playing on the playground with other kids. A man comes up and says scary things to the child. You teach you child ahead of time to stay away from them, and to say “Go away, stay away from me.”

The same is true when dealing with spirit energies of any kind. They may be positive spirits. But they seem scary to your child. Or the sparkles might expand, and show themselves all the time. It might get out of hand, and frustrating. Sometimes, children remember the scary movies and relate what they see to something negative. Then their imagination can create more of it. It is real to them. (I have to say here, that once in a great while, there can be a real negative energy. But that is very unusual. The more common thing is that the sparkles, or situation, is confusing, or misunderstood. And the child doesn’t really know how to react to it.)

Talk to your child about being powerful, just like the scenario about the playground. Each person is “in charge” of what goes on around them. You have a say so, wheather you want to be around good energy or bad energy. So your child needs to know that they are empowered to be in charge of that. Even if it is good sparkles, if your child is scared of it, or just doesn’t want it around them anymore, they should be able to do something about it.

It is important to be nice and calm. Your child can say something like, “I don’t want to see you sparkles at night anymore. Go away now. Leave me alone.” They should say it very firmly, but in a nice way. If the child is too small, then the parent can help. But remember not to be agressive or angry about it.

Through conversations with others, I have found that children usually out-grow the sparkles. At least, they become less intense. I think it has to do with being involved with the worldly things of life. Other chilodren embark on a wonderful connection and relationship with the sparkles. This would be similar to converstations with angels or spirit guides, which I consider normal.


Other Information

I am in the process of creating a resource list of websites, books and videos that might be of use concerning this. If you know of a good reference, be sure to comment here so others can benefit too. This list will be posted in a few days, so you might want to register to my blog and get an email when a new post is available.

I hope this has helped you in some way. Right now, it is the journey of figuring this all out. And I am honored that you have joined me in it!

Blessings to you and your experiences with Sparkles!


Melissa Leath is author of Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics. You can visit her website at

16 thoughts on “Kids Seeing Sparkles: Questions and Answers on Fear

  1. I’m 54 year old I had this gift since I was 20. Year old . I see different ball like light flash and go . Sometiime they big and sometime they small dot . Now this is what I learn. They out your gauidant angel. I use to pray every day. My first exprience of seeing them. One day I was driven home from work at night and I saw a big red ball of light flash on my dash broad . I got really scare because there was no light around and no one there. As I got to my mother house to pick upy kids. It was a note on her door telling me to come to the hospital . My mother had an hearth attachment .ass the year when on I pay attention to my gift when I see the different color. The color. . When I see red . If the ball small . There small trouble ahead . If I see a big red ball there big trouble ahead. It can be an accident ahead the police . I never no what was coming but it put me on high alert. When I use to work the bar and I saw red I take cover. I told some of the girl about my gift. When then saw me take cover they follow me . Right out taken cover something alway happen. If I see red and at home it going to happen or I’m going to hear bad new from home. If someone going to help when I get off work on my way home I wouldn’t see the red light until I in my car driver. It can be any thing the road block an accident . But it let me know I’m hading in to trouble. I learn leaving work if I see red I would go a different way home. This was outer I start homing at the group home . My ride was an hour drive. And sometime I see red on my way going to work I know when I keep seeing it that something happen at work or something going to happen.. People scare of my gift . If I see black or white. I know death coming somewhere. When I see black I know it an unsave person and when I see white I know it a save person that going I die it can take up to a month before the dead come but I know it coming. I don’t know who it is. Sometime when a person sick I know it them . The doctor gave my mother Inlaw a year and she die in month I saw a whole boby figure but I was look black at first. I told my old man that I was seeing death. And when his aunt die I use she was dying dead was running on the freeway.and it was black. Both of the wasing save. When my mother die I saw a white big ball and with my grade mother an white cross was in the celling at work and a white sprit walk down the hall way. I can tell if it preson is save or not. And if I keep seeing blue someone show up un expected. And green it some can of gift bless on the way a bless don’t alway mean money. But it a bless. How I learn the meaning of my gift I pay attention to what happen when I see those light. And the closer what ever ready to happen the stronger the light it the bigger the light get the bigger what ever coming going to happen and it may not be that day but be alert. But I knew a fuse that my hearth wasing with The Lord my gift weekness. I know that much.when I was a child thing happen and god save me. And can remmeber wham I was around 7 down south I was sleep on the couch and woke up to a tell man walking from tbe kitchen right out the wall and I jump up run up stair and tell my mother and she tell me that that was my dead grand father. I love my gift I just wish I understand it more .i wouldn’t trade it for nothing . I pray god for a gift better then the one I have. It have being a blessing to me from year. It be time that I saw purple and yellow I don’t understand then . They only happen a few time when I was going thought problem at home and at work. If you got that gift of seeing these thing you bless. And thank god everybody don’t have this gift. I said that I’m one of the chosen one.

    1. Janice~ Yes, you certainly are blessed with a wonderful gift. I love the way you have been able to keep track of the messages and their meaning. It helps to know what is coming ahead. Your angels are there helping you all the time! Thanks for sharing…M/

  2. My little girl for 4 years now says she sees colorod dots like red blue they form like bright colorful dots shape into something then goes back to like a line of dots. Also has dreams of a pink unicorn. Few years ago she would tell me and describe a tall dark pirate looking with a hook hand, soon after we experienced *********** and we moved from that location but after that she sees the colored dors,unicorns shes riding em,and she wears her rosary each day irs going on 4years,,,,, what does this all mean, i toke het to eye doctor thinking it was eye sight, eye site is perfect dr said, she also is my one and only child which was a true miracle and blessing cuz i was told i coulnt conceive due to jy cervical cancer. Middle name NEVAEH. (heaven spelled backwards ) thank you for your time, i dont know how i even landed up on this 9age,,, with all respect. Sincerely mrs sanchez

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I asked my guides what is going on. And I have a good feeling with everything. If she has seen any scary movies, then sometimes those images remain in the subconscious. So just let her know that only good things will come to her. You might want to help her create a special prayer asking for guardian angels to protect her. Bless you!

  3. This first happened to me like 10 years ago. I was going through a break up and i was in my bathroom facing the mirror crying when i suddenly felt this presence and i looked towards my bathroom door and a saw a figure full of transparent sparkles and immediately i looked away to avoid what i was seeing. Immediately at felt peace, security, comfort. So i look again it was there. This probably lasted a couple of seconds or maybe a minute or more. I reached to touch it but immediately i felt like the sparkles where around me and suddenly they begun to vanish. At first i was like am going crazy and it happen again a couple of days later for just a couple of seconds but before this happened. I herd someone knocking at my bedroom door. I knew i was the only one home so that got me scared. So i went to my walking closet and thats when the sparkles appear and that gave me strength to see what was knocking. No one was at the other side of the door or anywhere in the house. This house was a new construction. So is not like it was an old house or i had a family member recently pass away, ect. The next day my bedroom door was wide open. When i got home. The door had two doors. One was always closed but this time both doors were open. As i walked through the door i felt this pressure in my shoulders like i was being pull back. To prevent me from entering my bedroom. That did it. i put the house for sale and i am glad in sold in less than two weeks. Just recently i was visiting a friends and the sparkles appear. Once again. I felt peace but this too me sounds more like a warning. So my visit at my friends house was short.

  4. My mother recently told me that as a young child (2-3 years old) I was acting strange because of a ‘blue woman’. My parents both believe that it was my great grandma watching over me because they both saw her as well.
    I don’t ever remember seeing sparkles until this year, I’m 14 and have has 2 experiences so far. One time I walked into a dark room and saw a blue light shaped like a cloud floating in the air. Yesterday, a white light moved towards me when I was in another dark room. I’ve tried to find reasoning for what’s happening, I’ve been to the eye doctor and have perfect vision. I don’t want to overreact, but I have a feeling its something more then just a figment of my imagination. I’ve noticed it only happens in the dark, and I believe it hasn’t happened often because I sleep with a lamp on, so I am rarely in the dark. I want to say something to my parents but I’m not sure how to tell them without sounding crazy.

  5. When I was a child (4-5) I would always see what I called “dream dots”. They would appear as fuzzy white translucent specs (like the fuzzy static on old televisions). They would appear close together in several tall figures around the room (normally 3). It would frighten me at the beginning. I would pull the covers over my head and count. They would still be there after. I remember the time (after telling them to stop/go away) they all dissolved to the ground and came together to form animals or shapes and would dance around the room….playing with me in a sense. After that time, they would always appear to me like that. I could even make them change into shapes I was imagining. Like a game. I would eventually fall asleep. I’m 34 now and talk about what I see (verses when I was a child I really only spoke to my parents about it). My husband listens to me but a bit of a skeptic. I see them occasionally as an adult, but as figures. There are now 5 figures. They are always standing around my bed and one is at the entry to whatever room I am in when I see them. I only see them for a short moment before I fully awake or sometime right before I doze off. There are times I even have episodes where I think I am asleep but can see and hear everything going on around me, as if I am seeing myself and the room through another set of eyes. Sounds strange, but it’s very difficult to explain. I am typically in a paralyzed state during these episodes. I am not afraid of the dream dots (or sparkles as mentioned here) because they make me feel safe. But I will also note that as a young teen and adult, there were times I also saw darker shadows at a distance. Usually in corners of a room. I could see the shadows through the haze of the dream dots. This usually occurs when I am in that weird semi awake/paralyzed dream state (not sure what to call it). There was one time as I awoke, a shadow came bolting towards my bedside. It took ALL my might to just move…and I began to back up towards the other side of the bed nearly shoving my husband off (as I backed up I noticed that the dream dots/figures were also present). When the shadow hit the side of the bed it dissipated….as if it couldn’t penetrate through the dream dots. I do believe the dream dots are a good energy, spirit or maybe even guardian angels. It’s the darker shadows I try not to acknowledge or think about. When I see these, I pray. Even if I see them in a dream state. I’ve never googled this before…doing this now because I recently had a child and see the dream dots more frequently. I’ve always known of orbs BUT I don’t see orbs. What I’ve seen is completely different. I googled “child see’s fuzzy white lights” and this came up. Crazy! Going to read the book!

    1. Thank you so much Shanna for your recount of seeing Dream Dots. I really like that term for them, and have never heard anyone else call them that! I am sure your experiences will help others that see something they do not understand. I hope you enjoy the book! …Melissa.

  6. I’m 14 years old I saw them when I was 3 1\2. I was adopted when I was 4 and my father past away when I was 1 it was traumatizing for me the custom in my home land was to let everyone that new him come at the time my father past and they were yelling and crying I was kept away from him when that was hapeing I was in the back yard I’m 14 now and I don’t remember to clearly but I think at that time those people came to my houseI in a way that alarmed me and then left and my dad past away . I got adopted and I saw at night mostly at night fuzzy specks and lights and Waves and I bet my mind being a kid seeing them and I also had a wild imagination but it would scare me and I was tarified I went to my parents room all the time to tell them that I needed to sleep with them they sad yes a lot and said no a lot when they said no my imagination and the lights and lines and swirls and flashes and specks scared me I told my parents about them but they didn’t listen I told them that I thought I was seeing air or oxygen I was also going through a lot of bullying at school about me and ware I came from I got older and I was still sleeping with my parents till I was 10 years old I started to get Tharipist about the specks and a lot of mental health problems like depression and stuff but everyone told me it was halusanation so I being a kid I believed them but then my Tharipist asked me if I was liyeing for atainchon from my family I said no but then she told me halusanation doesn’t just happen at night I told her that it was mmostly at night but family stopped believe ing and stopped caring so I did to I found a way to sleep with out being scared so I stared sleeping with night lights and lamps so it wasn’t dark it help and then it became a distant memory that I pushed away and I couldn’t sleep tonight and I thought what the crap I will look and see if other people have this and I found this and it brought back awful memorys and I cryed I still see them and I’m 14 how do I make it go away cuz I close my eyes and I can still see it plz help me

    1. Hello Dilame Wald~~ I am so glad you found this blog. Please take some time to look around at the other articles here. Because I believe they will help you. Your guardian angels will help you if you ask them. Try telling your angel to take away specific things, one at a time. When you know it has happened, then ask to remove something else. It might take a while, but be steadfast because it makes YOU be in control of YOUR space and energy. I and a friend, Shaheen Miro have written a series of articles for Kids Growing Up Psychic. Read those too! I wish you all the best…M/

  7. I wish Internet/this information was available in 1995-96. At that time, my 2-3 year old daughter, Tabitha, (yes, Tabitha), started to see sparkles. It began when I started trying to move her to sleep alone in her own bed. We argued every night when bedtime came. Then, out of the blue, she smiled very big, and described how she was seeing “sparkles” and they were so beautiful! She asked me did I see them. I didn’t know how to answer because I saw nothing. We talked a bit about what she was seeing. She described tiny multicolored lights, free-floating around us, dancing, falling onto our bodies, just beautiful. She said she felt so happy, not scared, she would reach out to “catch” the sparkles. This continued every night at bedtime. I told her I didn’t see them and she was confused. She kept saying , “they’re right there mommy “, and she would brush them from my cheeks. I was never scared as she seemed to love them. She’d ask, “is it bedtime mommy? Can I go to bed now “? She went from avoiding her own bed to wanting to go to bed. After the sparkles, she transitioned to her own bed easily. We adopted a little dog a few weeks later. She adamantly wanted to name him Sparkles. I got her to change it just a bit to Sparky. So Sparky joined us. She eventually stopped talking about Sparkles, I believe out of concern because she was seeing something I didn’t. I’m convinced these Sparkles were angels or sent by angels to ease her trauma during her bedtime ritual. Years later she finds your site, Melissa, and calls me to look it up on the web to see a picture of her Sparkles, and told me your multicolored picture was exactly what she’d been seeing. She told me she continued to see them sporadically until about age 11. She has contacted you before regarding other experiences she had as a 29 year old.
    I call my daughter “sensitive “, as she has had many experiences in her life, including an out of body experience at age 7 she described to me in graphic detail. Thank you for information to ease her mind and my own. Dawn Davis, from North Carolina, USA.

    1. Hello Dawn, I am so happy to connect with you (and Tabitha). Your story is very similar to other parents. However, you were not feeling negative. Sometimes parents are afraid that their child is having hallucinations. But the whole thing is just as natural as can be! Blessings to you. I know someone will read your comment, and it will make them feel at ease…M/

  8. My daughter now 7 started seeing sparkle spots at 2. They were first rainbow colored moving in a circle pattern in her room. In mid air not on anything. 2nd time she was 3 she was giggling because there was a purple one on her stuffed animal in her bathroom. 3rd time was the most unusual. There was a clock from my childhood on her floor I was going to put it on the wall as decoration, it hasnt worked in 20 years, in addition her own clock had stopped. I started to do her hair and tossed a hair thing over near the clock, she told me to stop they were fixing it. I said who?, She said the sparkles. I said what are you talking about about, she got distracted and we moved on. Well, later that night I hear tick, tick, tick, yup both clocks are working. My daughter says out loud thank you. She has a few more expierences all in her room or bathroom mostly white or blue pearlish she describes not orbs, bit sounds more like stars. She told a teacher last year who told her that her eyes are just playing tricks on her which really seemed to hurt her. A few days after that she saw black sparkles, she said not scary but she didn’t like them and ask them to go away, that was about a year ago. Tonight in bed she said purple and blue sparkle streaks were coming from the ceiling, but they weren’t in the mood? I have no idea what that even means. Since she is older since the last experience she told me about I probed a bit more, do you still see them a lot, yes but she didn’t want to be made fun of so she kept quiet . Also, that she can feel what they are feeling happy, joyful, sad. I ask if she thought they were people, she said she didn’t think so. Note: Im not really into this type of thing and wasnt a believer but when these happen she is so calm, sure, focused and normally is a silly very active little girl. So, who thinks a good imagination or is this really something more? Why only in the two rooms? Spirits, angels, energies? Why her?

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